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Impressive Smile Teeth Whitening Kit Review

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Teeth Whitening Kit Review.

This post contains affiliate links and I was sent this teeth whitening kit complimentary for review purposes.  If you purchase using the links provided, I may be compensated a small amount, never at any extra cost to you.  Please see my page Affiliate Disclaimer if you are interested in learning more.

It's a brand new year TME babes, and now is the time to start thinking about what we want to improve on in the new year.  I have so many new year resolutions I want to work on, and one of them is getting my smile a little whiter and brighter.  I used to be a huge coffee drinker - as most sleep deprived moms and bloggers are - and unfortunately all that coffee discolored me teeth.  Although I managed to cut back a great deal after my youngest grew out of the baby stage, my teeth remained stained.  This is why I decided to try out a teeth whitening kit by a company called Impressive Smile.  Please keep reading to learn more about teeth whitening my experience.  Right now, starting January 9th, 2018, they are having a FLASH SALE on this exact pro whitening kit with coupon code: PREFER10 good until 2/28/18!

impressive smile teeth whitening kit #teetwhitening

Impressive Smile has been in the health and personal care industry for over 34 years.  Impressive Smile sells treatments that are clinically tested and USDA approved.  Their FDA certificate is even available upon request.   Impressive Smile teeth whitening kits contain Carbamide Peroxide gel, which is made in the USA and FDA approved.  In addition to their famous teeth whitening kits, they also sell other oral hygiene products and Beauty & Health products. 

I tested out one of Impressive Smile's best selling teeth whitening kits, the Impressive Bright White Smile Pro Teeth Whitening System.

impressive smile teeth whitening kit

Here's what the Impressive Bright White Smile Pro Teeth Whitening System contained:

4 Dentists Strength Peroxide Bleaching Gel Syringes   
1 Remineralization Gel syringe
2 + 1 extra Customizable Mouth Trays
1 Accelerator Light
Shade Guide
Detailed instructions for use

Right away, I was able to see that this kit contained a few things that many other typical grocery store whitening kits simply don't have!  Let's see what separates the Impressive Bright White Smile Pro Teeth Whitening System from its competitors:

1. Remineralization gel.
This gel is also known as desensitizing gel. First time bleachers often experience slight sensitivity in their teeth after bleaching, and Impressive Smile includes a gel that helps remineralize your teeth and reduce any initial sensitivity you many experience.  After using the kit, I only experienced very slightly sensitivity to extremely hot or cold things in my outer side teeth, not my front ones, and this gel helped those outer teeth.

2.  An Accelerator light.  

accelerator light from impressive smile teeth whitening kit

I don't know of too many whitening strip kits that contain an accelerator light.  This light helps speed up the process and lets the peroxide do its stuff faster.  An accelerator kit is definitely the hallmark of a professional whitening kit and I loved that Impressive Smile included one in this kit.

3. Customizable mouth trays with an extra one included.
One of the secrets to getting good teeth whitening results is having the bleaching gel make direct and close contact with your teeth.  It is essential to use mouth trays that fit the shape of your teeth exactly.  Impressive Smile not only provided two customizable mouth trays, but they also provided an extra one so that if you messed up customizing one of them in the beginning, you would have an extra one.  I was extremely grateful for the extra because I messed up my bottom tray and asked my husband to customize my extra tray for me since he is experienced with customizing night guards.

4.  A shade guide.

Impressive Smile teeth whitening kit

I loved finding this handy dandy shade guide in my kit!  It was sooo helpful!  It's hard to know how much your teeth have brightened and whitened if you don't know what shade your teeth were to begin with!  Looking at the guide, I was able to see that I was a level 8 shade before I started.  After four treatments, 15 minute each, I went to a level 4 shade.  After seven treatments, I became a level 2!  That's pretty impressive, and I would not have realized those quantitative results without that shade guide.

Now that I've discussed why this kit is definitely a cut above the rest, let's walk through the steps I took to whiten my teeth using this kit.  The instructions given were easy and straight forward to follow, and after the first day, I was whitening my teeth like a pro.

1.  Customize the mouth trays

To customize the mouth trays, I placed the trays in boiled water for about 8 -10 seconds, quickly took them out and put them into my lower and upper teeth and bit down on the trays to shape them, then quickly ran them under cold water.  This is probably the most difficult step of the entire process.  If you put them in the water long enough, they won't mold to your teeth correctly and gel will be falling out and getting on your gums.  If you keep the trays in too long, they will melt and also won't mold to your teeth correctly.

Here is my secret advice on this step:  If you have anyone in your family who is familiar with using mouth guards and/or has molded mouth trays or guards before, let them do it for you!  My husband has worn a lot of mouth guards because he grinds a lot, so he was a pro at knowing how long to leave them in the water and how to get me to shape them to my teeth.  As I mentioned above, Impressive Smile has graciously provided an extra mouth tray for any novices that mess up one of their trays, like I did.

2.  Cut the handle off the trays.

Simply take a pair of sissors and cut the handle off of the trays.  You need to do this so that you can fit the accelerator light into your mouth on top of the trays.

3.   Brush your teeth, put bleaching gel into the mouth trays, and insert trays into mouth.

The first time I did this I put in way too much and got a lot of extra bleaching gel on my gums - luckily it didn't make my gums sensitive and only tingled a little when I had it on.  After the first day, I was careful about piping the gel only into the parts of the tray that would be touching my teeth that show when I smile. I used way less gel being careful about this.

4.  Insert accelerator light and let it work for 10-15 minutes.

You will need to remove a thin piece of plastic from the accelerator light batteries to get them to work.  I think they did this so that the batteries wouldn't be accidentally on and run out during its shipping journey to the customer.  After removing the plastic, insert light into your mouth over the trays, and press the on light.  I tried to only turn the light on once it was in my mouth so it wouldn't go into my eyes.  Let the light sit for about 10-15 minutes.

5.  Remove accelerator light and trays, wash out trays and dry, and brush your teeth again. 

In the final step, remove everything from your mouth, clean the trays, and gently brush your teeth again.  Repeat for 5-7 days as you desire or until you run out of bleaching gel.

6.  Apply the remineralization (remin) gel as desired.

As I mentioned above, novice teeth whiteners can experience a slight increased teeth sensitivity after doing a bleaching treatment and this is completely normal.  Sensitivity should go away on its own within one to two days after finishing a kit.  Impressive Smile has been gracious enough to provide remineralization gel, also known as remin gel, to help reduce the sensitivity right away.  Simply squirt some of it into the mouth trays and leave on for 5 or more minutes.  Wash out trays and brush teeth when finished using, and apply as often as needed or until you run out of it. 

Bonus Tip:

The best time to whiten your teeth is at night. The bleaching process opens pores in the teeth and make them more susceptible to absorbing stain from food and drink immediately after being bleached.   This is why it is best to bleach them at night before bed, when you won't be eating or drinking after bleaching them.

Overall, I can say that I was very pleased with this teeth whitening kit by Impressive Smile.  As I mentioned above, I started at about a shade 8, and went down to a shade 4 after four, 15 minute treatments, and then a shade two after I finished all my bleaching gel.  I did experience slight teeth sensitivity to cold, but only in the outer teeth on the sides, not the main frontal ones that received the most bleach.  I experienced zero gum sensitivity, which I was thrilled about!

The kit and its instructions were user friendly and easy to use. I appreciated all the extras contained in the teeth whitening kit and felt it to be of the same quality that I could receive at my dentist's office.  The benefit of this kit was that I was able to do the treatments in the convenience of my own home, whenever I found the time to do them. Right now they are having a 10% flash sale on this pro whitening kit with coupon code: PREFER10 good until 2/28/18!  And shipping is always free!  And for my blogging girls out there, you can join their affiliate program here:  Join Impressive Smile Affiliate Program! Earn up to 22% commission!    

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