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Lose Weight Like An A Lister With These 5 Brilliant Supplements

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5 Supplements You Need Before Trying To Lose Weight. 

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Bikini season is just around the corner ladies, and the best way to get bikini ready is to start working on things before that warm whether even arrives.  But did you know that if your body is lacking in certain vitamins or minerals, it can make it very difficult to lose weight, despite vigorous exercise and dieting?  Below I am going to discuss five supplements every woman should take before they embark on a serious weight loss journey.  These supplements will make it easier to shed the pounds quickly and effectively.

Here is my list of five supplements that will fast track you to a bikini body:

1.  Iron Fuzion 

vegetarian iron supplement

If you feel constantly tired despite getting a normal amount of sleep, chances are good that you may be low in iron.  Pregnant and nursing women are at a higher risk of having low iron levels, as are vegetarians and vegan, and those that donate blood frequently.  At the advice of my home birth midwives - see more about that subject here: My Home Birth Experience In Interview - I took a vegetarian iron supplement throughout my three pregnancies and during my breastfeeding years.  I learned to realize that feeling like I was running on a dead battery week after week meant my iron levels were low again, and I still take iron when I feel like I'm just can't recover my energy levels.  Did you know that even insomnia can be a symptom of low iron levels? 

Iron Fuzion is a plant-based vegetarian iron supplement that doesn't constipate like most synthetic iron pills do. Iron Fuzion contains plant cofactors and conutrients that aid in iron absorption as well.  If you are getting ready to embark on a vigorous exercise or diet regime, having enough energy will definitely help guaranty your success.  This is a must have supplement for those getting ready to embark on any form of a weight loss journey.

If you hate pills and prefer a liquid form, I recommend this one, which I have also taken for many years. This is also vegetarian and will not cause constipation.  Be warned however that the taste is bitter, so if you have a sensitive palette, you'd probably be happier with Iron Fuzion.  Also, this liquid can start to ferment after 30 days, despite being refrigerated, so it must be drank within a 30 day time period.  Please always keep all iron supplements out of the reach of children, as iron poisoning is a leading cause of childhood death.

2.  Detoxadine

Iodine Supplement

This is an extremely pure form of Iodine created from salt deposits located more than 7000 FT below the earth's surface.  Detoxadine is more gentle on the digestive tract than other forms of iodine that contain alcohol, and it is also better absorbed.  Each drop of Detoxadine contains 650 micrograms of iodine, which helps to promote the normal iodine levels needed for healthy thyroid function and hormone balance.  Getting your thyroid to function properly can greatly aid natural weight loss.  Having your hormones balances can help reduce food cravings.  This is another must-have weight loss supplement.  


I became interested in B12 deficiency when I started having constant tingling in my hands and feet about a year ago.  After some initial research, it seemed that anemia may be the cause, but that didn't sound right to me, since I had been a meat eater for many years prior to going vegetarian.  After further research, I concluded that my B12 levels may have been very low, which can cause megaloblastic anemia, a condition where red blood cells don't develop properly.  The red blood cells become unable to carry oxygen effectively and this is what causes the extreme fatigue many people associate with anemia. .  I supplemented with B12 and the tingling in my arms and legs has not come returned!

B12 is vital for energy, cardiovascular health, and nervous system health.  It is also believed that there is a link between Alzheimers and low levels of B12.  Even if your levels are normal now, this may change as you get older.  As many as 30% of adults over 50 are unable to absorb B12.  Low B12 levels can also be associated with premature grey hair.  Vegansafe B-12 is a blend of methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin, the most bioactive forms of Vitamin B-12.  Vegansafe B-12 is vegetarian and vegan.   Since B12 is so closely linked to energy levels, this is another must have weight loss supplement that will help prevent you from getting overly exhausted as you adjust to new fitness and eating routines.

4.  Slimirex 


This is an all natural, vegan, zero-alcohol, weight loss liquid supplement developed by Dr. Edward Group.  Slimirex helps curb cravings for sweets, disrupt sugar absorption, speed up metabolism and fat burning, and reduce and control appetite.  This product also comes with a no questions asked, money back guaranty, and every purchase gets Dr. Group's popular ebook "The 10 Super Secrets To Weight Loss", for free.  Due to very high demand for this product,  Slimirex is currently sold out at the moment, but it should be back in stock again soon, and you can enter your email to be notified as soon as the product is back in stock.

5.  Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

You may have heard of  Raw Apple Cider Vinegar before as it is kind of an all -star!  There are some pretty awesome things Raw Apple Cider Vinegar is known to help with.  Just a few of them include - killing yeast, reducing constipation, removing harmful toxins & organisms with its malic acid, promoting weight loss by breaking down fats and controlling insulin levels, increasing the alkaline balance in the blood, and improving cardiovascular health.  It is also known to eliminate dandruff and lice from the scalp!  Because of it's effect on burning fat and controlling insulin levels, which can help stop overeating and food cravings, this is definitely a must have for anyone looking to lose weight.

I take 1 tablespoon of Bragg's Raw Apple Cider Vinegar in 16 oz of water a few days a week.  I try to drink it with a straw because vinegar is acidic so you don't want it to be in contact with the enamel on your teeth.  I have noticed that this stuff keeps me from feeling bloated, prevents urinary tract and vaginal infections from starting - for more on this topic, read my post, Number One Best Way To Prevent UTI Infections - and reduces my appetite, which is probably due to it interacting with my insulin levels.  And here's a little extra motivation to take this stuff:  Victoria Secret models reportedly drink this stuff for two weeks before their shows.  Maybe this is one of the secret to looking like a VS model???  

I wish each one of you lots of success on your weight loss journey.  Everyone's body is different.  Do not get discouraged if it takes you longer than it takes someone else.  Focus on your own progress and the end goal, and you will be looking and feeling fabulous in no time.

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