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PalmBeach Jewelry Shopping Hacks Plus 5 Stunning Big Bling Jewelry Pieces

Jewelry shopping hacks. PalmBeach Jewelry coupons. #savings #frugal #savingmoney #shoppinghacks #jewelry

Tricks To Saving Big Money On PalmBeach Jewelry Purchases. 

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If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that I am a big jewelry addict.  I love big sparkly jewelry.  I love bling pieces.  I love unique jewelry.  And I love bright and funky jewelry.  Basically, I just love it all.  This little addiction can become quite an expensive habit however which is not a good thing when you are on a single income and under a very strict budget.

Lucky for me though, there is a company called PalmBeach Jewelry that lets jewelry addicts like me own lots of stunning jewelry pieces without breaking our budget.  Today I am going to teach you a few tricks I've learned to save big money when shopping at PalmBeach Jewelry.  I will also teach you how to get free buyer protection as a customer.  If you love saving money and making smart purchases, and you love all things big and sparkly, this post is for you!

Jewelry shopping hacks. PalmBeach Jewelry coupons. #savings #frugal #savingmoney #shoppinghacks #jewelry

Are you ready to learn how to save hundreds of dollars from PalmBeach Jewelry and get free buyer protection?  As a bonus at the end of this post, I will show you five, stunning, drop dead gorgeous, big bling pieces from PalmBeach Jewelry that I either own or will be buying very soon in the near future using these shipping hacks. 

1. Sign up for their email newsletter.

This is non negotiable.  You must do this girls.  When you sign up for the PalmBeach Jewelry newsletter, you get great coupon code sent directly to your inbox.  Some people don't think they need to sign up for the newsletter because the PalmBeach Jewelry home page always has offers on it, but the coupons and offers sent in the newsletter are always much better than the ones offered on the home page. 

2.  Offers don't expire!

This is a huge secret that will save you serious money!  I received a few 50% OFF a single item offers in my inbox over the holidays.  I was too busy to used them during the Christmas period and forgot about them.  After Christmas, I remembered them and wanted to use them.  I was able to still use them by clicking through the offer in the email.  50% off $100 ring is pretty sweat if you ask me!  The only items that will not qualify for promo codes and discounts are items that are already on sale.  Most items that are already on sale seem to be more than 50% off however.

3.  You don't have to wait for holidays to get big coupon codes.

Unlike other merchants, who usually offer the biggest coupon codes around big holidays and semi-annual time frames, PalmBeach Jewelry regularly offers very generous coupon codes on completely regular days.  I have received 50% off offers on totally regular days that are not holidays.   You don't have to wait for the next holiday to roll around to save big money at PalmBeach Jewelry.

4.  Put items in your cart and leave them there.

I have noticed that PalmBeach Jewelry seems to send me more and better offers after I have recently placed items in my cart but not checked out.  Most stores track your activity on your site and have a way of knowing when you leave items in your cart.  So put some items you want into your shopping cart and even your wish list and wait for great offers to arrive in your inbox.
5.  Pay with PayPal

I try to use PayPal to pay with as many merchants as I possibly can.  The reasons for this are many.  First, PayPal will reimburse you if the item doesn't arrive, if the item arrives wrong or defective, or if they merchant refuses to refund you after you have returned it to them.  Also, and this is a relatively new thing, PayPal now offers to refund your return shipping fees on eligible orders.  (Almost all orders qualify for this from my experience and I've never had a return not qualify).  PayPal allows users to submit up to 12 requests a year for return shipping reimbursement.  This means that when a merchant doesn't allow me to return things for free, PayPal will pay my return shipping costs, and also make sure the merchant refunds me for the item once they receive it back.  You really cannot beat this type of buyer protection if you ask me and I've never encountered another company that protects you as thoroughly as PayPal does!

Because PalmBeach Jewelry is a very big and busy merchant, and because the items being mailed are very valuable, there is always a chance for mistakes or the chance that the items can be stolen in the mail.  Don't get discouraged from buying from PalmBeach Jewelry if this ever happens, just make sure you pay with PayPal and you will always be covered 100% if there are any problems. 

6. Read the reviews of the items.

I am always so thankful for the customers that leave reviews of items they buy because their reviews are truly worth gold for new customers.  I always read reviews of items from PalmBeach Jewelry before I buy them.  Reading reviews has helped me to buy very gorgeous pieces that others have raved about, and also helped me to avoid pieces I probably wouldn't have liked.  Moral of the story here is: Always read, and leave, reviews!

Now that you know how to shop at PalmBeach Jewelry frugally while also being 100% protected as a buyer, let me show you some drool-worthy big sparkly pieces from this merchant!  Any of these items would make unforgettable gifts as well.

Emerald Cut Halo Ring

19.57 TCW Emerald Cut CZ Halo Ring Platinum

This is one of the items I own and yes, it is a beautiful and breathtaking as the reviews say.  Get it now before most of the sizes sell out! You will not regret it.  I used one of my 50% offer codes to buy this ring. 

2.  Pear-Cut Halo Ring in Platinum

Pear Cut Halo Ring Platinum
If you keep up with celebrity news, you may know that pear-cut engagement rings are super on trend right now as it seems every newly engaged celebrity and IT girl is getting one of these stunners from their man.  I do not yet have this stunning ring, but trust, I will be buying it soon! Get it before all sizes sell out.

3.  Huge Cushion-Cut Aurora Borealis Stud Earrings.

Huge CZ Stud Earrings

I love, love, love big sparkly stud earrings.  This is a very unique CZ stud set because it is aurora borealis style, meaning that it gives off many different colors depending on how the light hits it.  Truly a stunning pieces.  The backs on these earrings are unique and different. 

Huge Emerald-Cut CZ Stud Earrings

This is another huge set of stud earrings, these earrings are clear white in color however.  Another must-have piece of you have a taste for the big bling.  The backs on the earrings are standard.  These Huge Halo Stud Earrings are also currently on a big sale right now, this is the lowest price I have seen them for!  They won't last long.


Tennis Bracelet CZ

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

I have always loved tennis bracelets.  I think they are a classic piece that goes well with everything.  This is another piece that I own and it looks good with absolutely everything.  This stunning Tennis Bracelet would make a fantastic anniversary or Valentine's Day gift. 

Jewelry shopping hacks. PalmBeach Jewelry coupons. #savings #frugal #savingmoney #shoppinghacks #jewelry

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