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How To Induce Labor Safely After Passing Due Date

Learn how you can bring on labor safely and quickly with my pro tip.  My protip has worked three times with my births, and also with moms births. #pregnancy #laboranddelivery #childbirth #mom

A Proven Method of Bringing On Labor Safely After You Pass Your Due Date.

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If you read The Makeup Equation, you may know that I am a mama to three kiddos.  You may also know that I have had three home births - you can read more about this topic here: My Home Birth Experience In Interview.  Today I want to talk about how to help bring a baby out safely when you pass your due date.  I have done this exact method three times and it has worked all three times.  My mother also did this with her kids and it worked for her too. 

Please note that this method only works if you have hit your due date and baby is full term.  Please NEVER, EVER try to bring a baby out before your due date!  Bringing on labor before your due date can be very dangerous for your baby's health!  It is safe to let your baby stay in after your due date because you don't ever know the exact day a baby was conceived.  Your due date could be earlier than it should and your baby may still need more time to grow and develop in the womb.

This pro tip is only intended to be used by women who have passed their due date and want to avoid being induced. (P.S. -  If you use homebirth midwives not associated with a hospital, you will never have to worry about being put through the hideous and extremely painful process of being induced!!)  

Learn how you can bring on labor safely and quickly with my pro tip.  My protip has worked three times with my births, and also with moms births. #pregnancy #laboranddelivery #childbirth #mom

As most moms know, once we hit our due dates, we are ready for baby to make their entrance into the world.  We are exhausted from carrying our baby for nine months, and we are ready to meet our little bundle of joy.  There is also the threat of being induced by the medical establishment after our due dates arrive.  The process of being induced is actually more painful than natural childbirth because the strong drugs administered make the contractions more painful than natural contractions.  This is exactly why so many women end up in surgery getting C-sections when they are induced, because it is abnormally painful!

This is an absolute shame, and no doctor knows the exact day a baby was conceived.  The baby could have been conceived later than thought, which means their actual and true due date is also later.  By inducing labor x number of days after a due date, you are running the risk of bring a baby out before they are finished growing and developing.  Doctors and hospitals induce mothers because they are on a schedule, plain and simple. It was this entire issue of being induced that made me leave the entire gynecology/hospital establishment and find myself homebirth midwives not associated with hospitals. You can read about my three home births here:  My Home Birth Experience In Interview.

The pro tip I am going to discuss with you today is only intended for women who have reached, and passed, their due dates.  It is intended to help women bring on labor naturally for a full term baby.  And it is intend to help mothers avoid the painful process of being induced, which often leads to C-sections.  This pro tip will only work properly if you are full term and have reached your due date.  If you have not reached your due date, leave that poor baby in there and let them keep growing!   Now that I have said all that, let's get into my pro tip!

Here is my tip for bringing on labor in a full term baby who has passed their due date.  I did this with all three of my kiddos, as each and every one of them went two weeks past their due dates.  My mom also did with me and my siblings, and it worked for her too.

Here it is:

Walk up hills!  That's it!  My mom has always loved walking, so she would take long walks on roads with lots of hills.  I lived in an area where the roads were not safe to walk when I was pregnant with my three babies, but luckily I had a treadmill, so I would just get on my treadmill and put it into high elevation and keep walking until I felt tired.  Truth be told, I went into labor within 48 hours for each of my babies after doing this!  

So give this a try ladies.  It is a healthy and safe way to help bring baby out if they are ready to make their entrance.  Its also a great way to avoid being induced!  And if you are about to have a baby, make sure to stock up on this drink for your postpartum recovery.  This drink made a huge difference in how I felt postpartum.

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