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DIY Fantasy Hair Color How To Guide

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How to Apply Fantasy Hair Colors Yourself - A Complete Guide.

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Please Note: I am not a professional hair stylist.  This is just what I do to get fantasy hair color. 

It seems like everywhere you look these days, some babe has gorgeous unicorn hair.  Everyone from moms to models to on the runway are rocking fantasy hair colors right now.  Anytime I run errands, I usually see at least one woman rocking some gorgeous fantasy hair.  And contrary to popular opinion, you do not need to go to a hair stylist go get yourself some beautiful unicorn hair.  It's actually very easy to do, you just need to know which products to use.  Today I am going to review the big name brands used by stylists and non-stylists alike to get fantasy hair color.  I will also discuss the proper technique needed to achieve any desired color.  I have included coupon codes for some of the brands I discuss as well. 

Lime Crime Anime Unicorn Hair

Let's dive into all my fantasy hair coloring secrets:

1. Fantasy Hair Color Popular Brands

Here is a list of the brands that will give you the unicorn hair you are pining for and seeing everywhere these days:

Lime Crime  - Lime Crime is a vegan and cruelty free makeup and hair supplier.  They don't have an affiliate program yet but you can refer friends.  Noted as the source for all unicorns, their stuff is pretty seriously awesome.  Their Unicorn Hair Products are very popular.  My two favorite unicorn hair shades are: "Anime", (candy blue),  and "Bunny", (pastel pink). Just for being a reader, get $5 off your 1st order with my personal coupon link here: Get $5 OFF Your Order!  To help you celebrate National Unicorn Day, April 9th, get 20% OFF Sitewide with code UNICORNDAY.   

oVertone Hair Color  - Do you want to play with hair color but not deal with the damaging effects?  Try Overtone!   Use my link to get $10 off your first order over $30!  Overtone has a wide variety of color shades including pastel purple and pink, vibrant purple and pink, teal, grey, and many more.  They offer sample sizes of their items so you can try them out first before you buy the big size.

Uberliss  - This company primarily sells a keratin treatment kit and fantasy hair colors that have bond builders in them.  Many of the products you can only buy if you are a stylist, however you are able to purchase the fantasy hair color bond builders as a customer even if your not a stylist.  You can get 15% off your first order with my personal code: Get 15% OFF Your 1st Order!

Pulp Riot Hair - This is another super hot brand right now for fantasy hair color.  The only caveat with Pulp Riot Hair is that you can only purchase their products if your are a licensed hair stylist.  If you are a professional, you can purchase from them directly online, or from a Salon Centric store near you.  The good news though is that ANYONE is able to purchase their merchandise from their Etsy Store, and they have some seriously hot merch.  Here are just two of their best sellers: The Diary of a Mad Colorist & Women's Lightener Tee.

Arctic Fox  - This is another vegan and cruelty free fantasy hair line that is very popular.  They have a wide range of beautiful colors, and one of my favorites is "Girls Night Out".  You can buy Arctic Fox directly from their website, or from Amazon, or here, both online or in store: Arctic Fox Semi Permanent Hair Color.  The gorgeous beauty guru Lola Liner wears this one a lot: Lola's Arctic Fox Hair Color 

2.  Pre-Color Requirements

Now that I have listed all the great brands of fantasy hair color out there, let's talk a little bit about what you need in order to achieve fantasy hair color.  A non negotiable requirement for almost every brand of fantasy hair color is blonde hair.  You don't necessarily have to have platinum or white hair, but if your hair does not have any blonde in it, you are going to have a very hard time seeing any color on your hair.  So while you can easily apply these fantasy hair colors yourself in the privacy of your own home, you will need to have some sort of blonde in your hair in order to see the colors.  If you have black, brown, or red hair, its going to be very hard to see any color.  This is why many people get fantasy hair color done at salons, because they need the blonde hair in order to see the color.

Further, if you are going for pastel hues, also known as "tints", you are going to want a higher level blonde.  Level 9 and 10 blondes - think platinum shades - give great results for pastel tints.  Warmer blondes will still still give you color pay off, but you are going to want to choose full coverage fantasy hair colors which are stronger than pastel tints.  A trick many stylist do is to mix a full coverage color with a pastel tint to give the pastel color more strength.  Mixing fantasy hair colors is not only very popular because of how pretty it is, but it can really increase the color payoff of a weaker color.

In the picture above, I achieved my green highlights using Lime Crime's full coverage "Anime" unicorn hair color.  Since my hair was dirty blonde with yellow undertones, bright blue Anime turned my hair green, since blue + yellow = green.  Anime would result in bright blue hair on white or platinum hair. The undertones of your blonde hair is very important to remember when choosing your fantasy hair color.  If you currently have dirty blonde hair with a lot of yellow undertones, see my post below to learn how to tone your yellow blonde hair and achieve platinum white hair:

DIY Recipe for Platinum White Hair

3. Hair Inspiration + Color Guide

To get you excited for some new fantasy hair color, I'm going to show you some pictures of girls rocking unicorn hair, and I will tell you what products to use to achieve their exact colors:

Lime Crime Bunny Unicorn Hair Color

To achieve the gorgeous pink fantasy hair color above, start with level 9/10 blonde hair - think platinum/white - and use  Lime Crime "Bunny" Tint on the roots, and mix it with Lime Crime "Juicy" Full coverage. 

Lime Crime Sushi unicorn hair

To achieve this dreamy fantasy hair color, start with level 9/10 blonde hair - think platinum/white - and use  Lime Crime "Sushi" Tint mixed with Lime Crime "Bubblegum" Full Coverage.

Lime Crime Anime Full Coverage unicorn hair color

To achieve this mermaid worthy ocean blue hair color, start with level 9/10 blonde hair - think platinum/white - and use  Lime Crime "Anime" Full Coverage all over.

Overtone Vibrant purple

To get this beautiful purple color, use Arctic Fox "Girl's Night Out" fantasy hair color.   You can also use Overtone in "Vibrant Purple".  You will want to be a level 9/10 blonde to achieve this exact color. 

I hope this article is of help to all who desire to change up their hair with fantasy hair colors.  I love fantasy hair color because it gives me a really fun and healthy alternative to bleaching my hair or cutting my hair off when I'm ready for a change or want to do a total hair transformation.  Unlike most hair color dyes, fantasy hair color is completely healthy for your hair and can be used like a deep conditioner. Fantasy hair colors are great for spring and summer and definitely give you a glam mermaid vibe!

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