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Perfect Winged Eyeliner Tutorial For Beginners

Perfect Winged Eyeliner Tutorial For Beginners

How to Draw the Perfect Winged Liner: A Tutorial For Beginners.

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Ahhhh, winged liner! Do these two words fill you with fear and terror? Anxiety? Confusion?  I felt like I could never do winged liner, so I just didn't do it for a very long time.  Finally I couldn't take it anymore and I started researching how to do it. What I learned is that it was actually really easy, a beginner just needed a precise set of instructions and the proper eyeliner to do it with.  Today I am going to talk about what I believe is one of the best liquid liner products out there on the market and why it is a perfect product for beginners.  And although I am no longer a beginner when it comes to drawing winged liner, I still continue to use this product as it is very high quality and does the job perfectly. 

Winged liner is pretty simple,  you just need the right instructions and the right tools.  By tools, I really just mean one tool - a good eyeliner with a good application tip.  My absolute favorite product that I use is the NYX Matte Liquid Liner MLL01 in black.  I like the matte finish because I don't want my liner to be shiny.

perfect winged eyeliner tutorial for beginners

NYX Matte Liquid Liner

Here is an up close picture of it:

NYX Matte Liquid Liner is the best liquid liner I have ever used and this product made doing a winged liner super easy, even when I was a beginner.  The tip is very thin and slender and it allows a lot of precision.  It also does not contain any synthetic wax, something that I am allergic too.  You can read more about how I became allergic to beeswax and certain types of synthetic wax, and also what happens to me when I use it, in my post, Wax Free Lip Product List.
There are a few things you should aim for when you do winged liner:

1.  You want the outer tip of it to be thin, not too thick. 

2.  How far should you extend the outer line?  If you don't draw it out long enough, it will look silly.  And if you draw it out too far, it can also look silly.  I learned that you should think of your liner as the outline for your eyeshadow.  Draw your line until your eyeshadow ends, that's where you should end the liner.

3.  Once you have your outer line, which you always draw first, then you are ready to draw it inwards toward the rest of the eye.  You want to make a triangle shape to get it to the inner corner of the eye.  Start about 1/4th of way in from the end point of the line, and then draw a triangle line into the eye.  Once it hits the corner of the eye, you can just draw the rest of the eye as you would with any eyeliner, very thinly hugging the top of the eyelash line.

4.  To help you draw a straight winged liner line, I like to use Shadow Shields 30 piece.  Place the shield sticky part directly under the eye with the sticky line pressed against your lower eyelash line. Then draw your line straight against the outline of the shield.

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