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The Benefits of Daily Face Exfoliation

The Benefits of Daily Face Exfoliation

How Daily Exfoliation Benefits Your Skin.

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It took me years of doing my makeup before I heard of an amazing trick that will make your makeup look dramatically better and flawless.  Not only will doing this improve your makeup application, it will improve the overall health of your skin as well.  If you'd like to learn what that secret is and what tools you will need, please keep reading.
The trick I heard about has to do with exfoliating your face directly before you apply your makeup.  Exfoliating directly before putting on makeup on can dramatically improve your application and overall appearance of the makeup on your face.

Exfoliation is basically the process of removing dead skin and other grease and/or dirt laying on the top of your skin cells.  If you have a lot of dead skin lying on the surface of your face, or just a lot of grease, dirt, or left over makeup from prior applications, your makeup will not go on well and not look good when your done.  If you put your makeup over dead skin, dirt, grease, and old makeup, you will find that your makeup will look very cake-y and you will be able to see dry skin patches through your makeup.  Exfoliation before makeup application can prevent all of these unwanted side effects. 

Added benefits to exfoliating your skin is that it can help prevent breakouts, reduce pore size, and give your skin a little bit of a "glow", somewhat similar to when you exercise and your skin looks dewy.

Exfoliating when you remove your makeup is also a very good idea because it will ensure that you remove ALL of your makeup.  If you are leaving little bits of makeup on your face day after day, your skin is more prone to developing allergies to that makeup.  As someone who suffers from a lot of cosmetic allergies, I know this is something you definitely want to avoid as it can prevent you from using your favorite products if you suddenly become allergic to them.

I remove my makeup by using a makeup wipe - see my post on dupes for makeup wipe brands here: 7 Makeup Dupes for High End Products - to remove all my eye makeup and surrounding face makeup.  Then I wash my face with warm water and apply a good cleanser to it - see my posts on my favorite cleansers here Beauty Box 5 Will Jumpstart Your Beauty RoutineBest Everyday Face Cleanser Products - and then with the cleanser still on my face, I use my cleansing brush to exfoliate over the cleanser and buffer all the leftover makeup and dead skin away. 
As I mentioned above, I exfoliate my face by using a cleansing brush.  You can use a scrub as well but there is a lot of new controversy about whether the particles in the scrubs - nuts, salt, sand, etc - are too harsh for your skin.  One of the popular drugstore beauty scrubs out there actually even has a class action lawsuit against it.  Because of this, I like to stick with the softer and gentler cleansing brush, which is really the latest technology for exfoliation out there these days.  There are a lot of expensive cleansing brushes out there, but there are also a lot of inexpensive ones that will do just as good of a job.  I had a very expensive one that died after a year of use.  I then decided to try Ulta's dual action cleansing brush which was just $25 bucks.  I think the quality is as good or better than the expensive one I had and the cost is a quarter of the price too! If you cannot find this one in the stores, another similar one is from Kohls and is the Silk n' Swirl Cleansing Brush.

Amazon also has a best seller cleanser brush on sale right now, you can view it here: 1 Best Face Cleansing Brush:

face cleansing brush

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