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Easy DIY Fall Soap Recipe

Easy DIY soap. #soap #soapmaking #diysoap #fallsoap #coloredsoap #crafty

easy diy fall soap recipe
easy diy fall soap recipe

DIY Melt and Pour Fall Soap Recipe.

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Here's a super quick and easy recipe to make fall decorative soap that smells like pumpkin spice and only requires three ingredients!!  These soaps make great gifts for the holidays or any special occasion.  You can change the scent of the soap as the seasons change.  To learn how to make these easy and beautiful homemade soaps, please keep reading. 
While at Michael's last week, my eye caught a new super cute fall themed silicone mold.  See picture below:

easy diy fall soap recipe

The mold inspired me to make some new fall scented soaps.  Because I have kids, I don't have the time to make soap from scratch.  One of the main components of homemade soap, Lye, is also pretty dangerous, and with the kids, I don't want to take any chances of it getting anywhere near them.  Luckily, there is another option for all of us time-pressed mama's.  Its called melt-and-pour soap. 

Melt and pour soap essential means that you are buying a pre-made soap base and melting that soap down into liquid form so that you can create your own soap.  Here's the soap I buy: Shea Butter Soap Base.

Once you have purchased your soap, melt the soap base down to liquid form using a microwave.  Then add soap coloring, (which I get at Michael's), and any scents you desire and pour the hot melted soap into a silicone mold.  I always add my scents before my colors so that I can mix the scents thoroughly in the soap.  I generally only swirl my colors around and don't mix them thoroughly into the soap, so this is why I add the scent first, and then the colors. 

Let the soap cool and harden and them pop those babies out of the molds and bam!  You have yourself some beautiful handmade soap!

To make my fall scented soap, you will need the following:


-1 package of melt and pour soap base, I use this one:
Shea Butter Soap

-Purple and yellow soap coloring from Michael's

-Pumpkin patch fragrance oil.  I use this one: Fragrance Oil

shea butter soap base

easy diy fall soap recipe


-Melt about half the package of soap in a big glass dish in the microwave.  Make sure to keep an eye on the soap as it melts because it will melt quickly and can bubble over if you melt too long.

-Add your scented oil and swirl around to make sure it's completely mixed in the soap. 

-Add your soap colors. I like to add a few drops of different colors then swirl around with a stick to make a tie-dye pattern.

-Pour soap into your silicone molds

-Let soap harden for about 1/2 hour - 1 hour. When completely cooled, pop out soaps.  I like to wrap mine in decorative plastic baggies to give as gifts.

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easy diy fall soap recipe

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