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DIY Platinum White Hair Recipe

Learn how to bleach and tone hair properly to get white, platinum blonde, silvery hair.  Learn the easy technique for toning blonde and removing brass. Learn the right purple shampoo to use to maintain your color. Stop paying a fortune at the salon, learn how to get white hair today. #whitehair #platinumhair #platinumblonde #purpleshampoo #blondehair

DIY Platinum White Silver Hair Recipe.

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Disclaimer: I am not a licensed hair stylist. This is just what I did to get my own hair white.  Please see my full disclaimer at the bottom for more info. 

This post is for a dear friend named Norma.  I was talking to Norma last weekend and she told me her struggles to keep her hair platinum white.  I told her that getting platinum white hair is not difficult and promised I would do a post on it for her.  I had platinum white "granny" hair for many years, and I was able to keep my hair healthy enough to keep it very long during this time.  Since I am a stay-at-home mom of three, I am always on a strict budget, and I simply could not stand spending the hundreds of dollars at a hair salon to have someone give me my pretty white hair.  So, like everything else, I set out to learn how to do it myself.

My hair is very curly and curly hair does hide color mistakes and experiments better than straight hair.  Different shades of blonde look more like highlights than mistakes in curly hair.  I was lucky in this area because I was able to experiment with getting my hair white until I learned how to do it and my hair didn't look too awful while I was learning.   The secret to getting platinum white hair boils down to one thing:  Please keep reading to figure out what that one thing is!  Please note that I have updated this post for 2018 to include some new products that have been developed that really help blondies maintain their white hair.

The secret to getting platinum white hair is toner!!

There is nothing magical about creating white hair.  Simply use a toner with blue/purple undertones and it will cancel out the yellow color in your hair that bleached created and turn it white!

There are two steps to getting platinum white hair.  I am not a professional hair stylist and this is just my recipe for turning my naturally dark brown hair white platinum.

1. The first step to getting white hair is bleach.  You have to first bleach your hair to remove the natural color molecules in the hair strands.  Bleach will turn any hair color yellow.  That's what it is designed to do.  Many gals bleach their hair and then think they need to bleach it longer when they see it is yellow - NO NO NO!! This is not the case!  You want to see yellow, that means the bleach worked.  If you bleach your yellow hair again, it will just break off and fall out.  And if you leave the bleach on too long because you are still seeing yellow, it will also break off and fall out.  The result of bleached hair is yellow, and that is the right result.  Of all the lightening powders, (aka - bleach), out there, this one is my favorite because I think it leaves the least yellow: Favorite Hair Bleach   Because of how damaging bleach is, if you are nervous about doing it yourself, I would definitely recommend just going to a professional to have it done, and then you can tone it at home using the products I mention below. 

2. Once your hair is yellow, you now need to color correct the hair using a blue/purple toner.  My absolute favorite professional toner on the market is the: Wella Color Charm Toner - T18 - Lightest Ash Blonde. It has tons and tons of great reviews and in my opinion its the beset toner out there and has been for a long time.  This stuff gets the job done on the first try - it will turn yellow hair into ash-y platinum white hair in one shot.
wella t18 lighest ash blonde blonde
Once you have bleached your hair so that it is yellow, you then need to apply the T18 toner.  

Here are the steps to apply Wella Color Charm Toner:

Mix 1 bottle of toner with 20 volume cream developer in a 1 to 2 ratio.  Since the T18 toner contains 1.4 oz of liquid in it, you need to add 2.8 oz of 20 Volume developer to the one bottle of toner.  Amazon  has plastic bowls that are basically measuring cups for hair products and are labeled in ounces.  For your 20 volume cream developer, I always used the Wella brand which you can view here: Wella Color Charm Cream 20 Volume Developer

I generally left my toner/developer mix on my bleached hair for about 30 minutes but read the directions on the box for time and decide what you think is best.

Update 2018: There are also now new methods available to tone yellow, freshly bleached hair!  Semi-permanent fantasy color conditioning masks with purple, grey, or blue undertones can also tone bleached hair wonderfully!  This is a very popular color conditioner used by many platinum girls to tone their roots: Arctic Fox.  

So to conclude, all platinum white hair boils down to is this: Toning yellow bleached hair with purple/blue based toner. 

Now let's talk about maintaning your platinum hair.  Purple shampoo and conditioner can help keep your hair looking white between washes as many shampoos and conditioners can turn white hair yellow and brassy because of the oils they contain.   Here is my favorite purple shampoo and conditioner set:  Purple Shampoo & Conditioner.  It has tons of good reviews and tones blonde hair excellently.

Please be aware that almost all purple shampoo products contains sulfates.  Sulfates are not necessarily bad as they do a great job cleansing the hair of dirt and oil buildup.  Sulfates are naturally drying however, and for this reason, many blondies are not a fan of using sulfate hair products.  I only currently know of one good purple shampoo that is sulfate free, and you can find it here: Violet Shampoo Sulfate Free.  This also has tons of good reviews.

Update 2018: Here are two other new purple shampoo products that are very popular right now: Fanola and Milk Shake

Finally, I leave you with a picture of me with white platinum hair :)

how to tone blonde hair to get white hair.

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