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Best Foundation Brush For Full Coverage & Flawless Application

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Best Foundation Brushes for Full Coverage, Flawless Application.

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I have tried a lot of different methods to apply foundation and I probably own more makeup brushes than I should.  After many years of trial and error, I can definitely say that I have favorites that I grab for every time to create a flawless and full coverage foundation application.  Below are my two favorite tools that I use to get a flawless, full coverage foundation application.

1. Beauty Blender Sponge

Pros: Gives you a flawless look.  Patting the beauty sponge on your skin gives you a perfect application with no lines that you need to blend.

Cons: Application is a little lighter than a brush, which is due to water and air being in the sponge.  For full coverage, see my second favorite tool.

To Apply: Put your dry beauty blender under running cold water.  Once its fully wet, squeeze the blender so there is no loose water coming out.  Pour foundation on the top of your hand, and dip the bottom, flat part of the beauty blender into the foundation.  Pat foundation all over your face using the bottom flat part of the sponge.  You use the top pointed part of the sponge to apply concealer under the eyes, as well as to blend the highlight part of your cream contour. 

2. Morphe Brush M439.

morphe cosmetics makeup brush for foundation

Pros: Gives you a heavy, full coverage look.  Brush made of synthetic bristles so it will not soak up your foundation.

Con:  Requires a little extra blending to ensure no lines, fully flawless look.

To Apply: Pour foundation on the top of your hand, dip the M439 brush into the foundation, and apply to face.

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