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Top Most Wanted Toys for 4 Year Old Girls

Top Most Wanted Toys for 4-year old girls

A Toy Gift Guide For 4-Year Old Girls.

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Do you have a four-year-old princess at home?? Or a little girl close to this age range?  Are you in the process of trying to buy her some toys she will love this Christmas, but also hoping dearly you won't break your budget in the process?  If this is you mama, you have come to the right place!  Below I list some top affordable toys that girls will love to play with.

I have a four year old girl, and she wanted, and now has, each one of the items I have listed in my top most wanted toys gift guide.  So you don't think we are spoiling my daughter rotten, let me say that we did not buy her each one of these toys at the same time.  She got them at different times when the opportunity allowed me to buy them for her.  I can say from watching her play with them countless times that all these toys are a great investment for your daughter, and definitely will be a big hit. 

Without further ado, let's get into what every four year old girl would dream of finding under the Christmas tree this year.

1. ALEX Toys Chasing Butterflies Ceramic Tea Set

Here is the description from Amazon:
  • 13 piece ceramic tea service with a butterfly theme
  • A whimsical twist on a classic toy
  • Have a party for your family member, friend or doll
  • Includes 4 teacups, 4 saucers, tea pot with lid, sugar bowl with lid and creamer

ALEX Toys is the maker of absolutely beautiful high quality porcelain tea sets.  No longer do only the older girls get to play with tea sets, now the little girls can join in on the fun!  They have a lot of lovely designs but I think the butterfly design is one of the prettiest and this is the reason I bought my daughter and her cousin this set.  These tea sets are real porcelain and you can tell by how heavy they are.  Although breakable since they are real ceramic, they are also pretty durable.  My daughter loves playing tea party with her friends or stuffed animals.  You can buy this from Amazon here: ALEX Toys Chasing Butterflies Ceramic Tea Set

2.   Step2 Fantasy Vanity

 Step 2 Fantasy Vanity Makeup Vanity For Girls

Here is the description from Amazon:
  • High-quality shatterproof plastic mirror
  • Working light and 3 piece accessory set (hand mirror, brush, and comb)
  • Molded-in compartments and pull-out drawer store make-up and accessories
  • Match 11'' stool

Calling all makeup mamas!!  Where you ladies at?? This is the PERFECT gift for your little mini-me!! Does your little girl like to play putting on makeup when you do?  Then this gift is for her!!  My daughter loves this vanity and has sat in front of it for hours pretending to apply makeup.  Give her some of your old makeup that your not using anymore and she will be busy for hours and hours.  Some super neat features about this vanity include it's own light, drawer, and spaces to put pretend makeup in.  You can view the Step2 Fantasy Vanity on Amazon here: Step2 Fantasy Vanity.

3.  Zoomer Kitty - Bella

Zommer Kitty Pink Bella

Zommer Kitty Bella

Zoomer Kitty - Bella is a great toy for any child that wants a pet, but can't have one.  This little Zoomer Kitty walks, jumps, meows, changes eye color, and follows a ball.  One of the best things about this Zoomer Kitty is that it also comes with a USB charger, so you don't have to worry about going through tons of batteries.

4.  My Life Doll

These 18 inch My Life Dolls are truly one of a kind and the perfect gift for all your doll lovers!  They come in lots of different character's including cowgirls, students, cheerleaders, and dolls in their pajamas.  My daughter is getting the cow girl and the pajama girl one.

5.  Barbie I Can Be Vet Center

 Barbie Vet Center

Okay, technically this last toy is not an extremely affordable one.  However, it is one of the top selling toys, and frequently gets sold out on Amazon.  I found this awesome toy at a yard sale one year, so this is how my daughter has this one.  She has played with it over and over again, it is definitely one of her favorites.

I hope this helped all you parents out there get a little gift inspiration for your girls.  You can view all my other gift guide posts under my page: Gift Guides.  You can also view my entire collection of holiday posts under my page, Holidays.  To get coupon codes for the brands I work with, please see my page, Coupon Codes

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