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A Vegetarian, Organic Iron Supplement That is Non-Constipating

Organic, Vegan & Vegetarian Iron supplement that is not constipating. Trusted by midwives. Proven to work. #iron #ironsupplement #vitamins #anemia #sicklecellanemia #womenshealth #health #herbal #vegan #vegetarian

A High Quality Natural & Vegetarian Organic Iron Supplement That Won't Give You Constipation.

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Women require Iron supplements for different reasons.  A common reason women need extra Iron is because of pregnancy.  Women also may require extra Iron after long periods of nursing.  A common symptom of low Iron levels is fatigue.  If you feel like you are getting adequate sleep but still feeling very fatigued, you may be low in Iron.  Iron supplements are often recommended when someone suspects their Iron levels may be lower than they should be.

Have you been searching for an Iron supplement that will not give you any constipation whatsoever?  If you are vegetarian, this search is probably even harder. 

I had home births with my kiddos, and I was under the care of midwives who did not work for a hospital for each pregnancy.  My midwives were incredibly knowledgeable and specialized in the area of women's health and child birth.  You can read more details about my home birth experiences here:  My Home Birth Experience In Interview.  Getting back to the subject at hand however, one of the best products I learned about while under midwifery care was an organic, all natural, vegetarian Iron herbal supplement. Today I want to share with you what this supplement is in case you are a woman in search of an Iron supplement that will not constipate you and give you hemorrhoids!
The product I am going to tell you about is derived from natural herbs and vegetables.  The Iron is organic and the supplement is also vegetarian.  The best part is that you will have no constipation from this product whatsoever!! If you have ever been constipated, especially during pregnancy when it becomes more common, you know that you want to do whatever you can to avoid such a miserable intestinal state. The product I am talking about is called Floradix.  It comes in both liquid and pill form but I much prefer the liquid form to the pill form.  I didn't find the liquid to taste bitter, but it is not sweet either.  I naturally have low Iron levels and I would crave this stuff during all three of my pregnancies, which simply shows that your body really does know what it needs.

Sometimes you can find Floradix in health food stores, but the product is generally very expensive there and often sold out.  This is why I was so happy when I discovered that Amazon carries it.  Amazon offers the absolute best price around for Floradix

I have taken this product both during all three of my pregnancies to prepare for labor endurance and blood loss, as well as after long periods of nursing, which I also believe drains your Iron stores.  I always noticed a marked difference in my energy levels after about a week of taking this supplement.

As with all supplements, follow the directions on the box.  This supplement needs to be refrigerated after opening, and should be used within about 30 days of opening as well as the fruit and vegetable juices can start to ferment if kept for too long.   Also, please make sure to keep this supplement on a high shelf in the refrigerator, as Iron overdoses can be deadly in children.  

I hope this supplement can offer an excellent solution for any of my readers who are dealing with low Iron levels yet don't want to compromise their intestinal health with the misery of constipation either.  If you enjoyed this post, you may also enjoy these posts:

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