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How To Do An Olaplex Treatment At Home

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How to Apply Olaplex at Home For a Stand Alone Treatment.

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If you read my blog, you know that my hair is very damaged and over processed due to being a die-hard color chameleon.  After stripping very fresh bright red magenta hair color - see my post How to Dye Damaged Hair Bright Magenta Red DIY on how I dyed my hair red- my originally bleach blonde ends were on their last days of life and had zero curl or strength to them.  Since I'm a natural curly haired girl, I knew it was bad if my hair could no longer muster a single curl.  This is why I turned to Olaplex. My hair is proof that this works! I would not have the curls you see in the picture above if it were not for Olaplex.

You can find the  kit here: Olaplex Salon Kit.

Here is my recipe for a stand alone Olaplex treatment for damaged hair.  I have lengthened the time of the treatment since I am doing this at home and am not under a time crunch like I would be in a salon.

1.  Spray your hair with water so that it is completely wet.  This helps to remove any build up/products from surface of hair so that it will absorb Olaplex better. Towel dry hair.

2.  Next, pour .5 oz of Olaplex #1, into 3 oz of luke warm tap water in an applicator bottle. Swirl around to mix.

3.  Apply the Olaplex #1-water mixture all over your hair, applying it to the damaged ends first, then to the rest of the hair.  Try to comb through your hair as best you can.  I leave this on for at least 20 minutes and try to shoot for 30-45 if I can manage it.  Wrap your hair in a bag and put it on your head to reduce dripping.  I also like to put a towel on my neck as the stuff drips a lot due to the water.

Olaplex #1 is the most important of all three parts of Olaplex.  It is the bond multiplier.  Essentially, this stuff reconnects the broken bonds in your hair.  Your hair's bonds have been broken due to coloring, stripping, heat, etc.  Olaplex#1 reconnects these bonds.

Please be aware that Olaplex #1 does have a smell to it similar to what Color Oops Hair Color Remover, Extra Conditioning 1 Application smells like, basically it smells like sulfur, but instead of breaking the bonds in your hair which is what Color Oops Hair Color Remover, Extra Conditioning 1 Application does, this stuff rebuilds the bonds. 

4.  After the time is up, apply two, .5 oz packets of Olaplex #2 all over the hair, directly over the Olaplex1 mixture.  Olaplex#2 is the bond perfecter.  Instead of being liquid like Olaplex #1, this is a creamy mixture similar to a deep conditioner.  Once again, comb through your hair as best you can.  I try to leave this on for at least one hour, and better if you can do 1.5-2 hours.

5.  After the time is up, gently wash the mixture out of your hair.  If you hair is fairly healthy, you can do a light shampoo and then condition. Since my hair is very damaged, I only condition.

6.  In between these stand alone treatments, you can apply Olaplex #3 to wet towel dried hair.

olaplex no. 3 hair perfector product

I have not noticed the miracle results with Olaplex #3 that I see with Olaplex #1 & #2, but if you are out of 1,2, this is still something you can use in between treatments to help your hair.  It is similar to a deep conditioning mask.

Below is a picture of what my very damaged hair looked like after using Olaplex No.1 & No.2.  As you can see, I got some of my curl back!

healthy hair after doing olaplex treatment at home

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