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How To Get Rid Of a UTI Infection Fast Without Antibiotics

Learn how to get rid of UTI infections naturally without synethtic antibiotics that cause bad side effects. Stop the debilitating cycle of reoccuring UTI infections in its tracks today!. #uti #urinarytract #womenshealth #sexualhealth #alternativehealth

How To Get Rid of UTI Infections Fast and Naturally Without The Use of Antibiotics.

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Please Note:  If you have blood in your urine, or your lower back hurts, you should go to a doctor, as this can be a sign of a kidney infection and can be life threatening.  I am not a physician, and the advice I give here simply describes what I use to prevent and reduce the occurrence of UTI infections.

The holidays are upon us, and for most of us, holidays are synonymous with eating lots of sweets.  A spike in sugar consumption can increase the likely hood that a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) will flourish in the bladder.  You can read more about the negative effects of sugar in my post, 11 Skinny People Habits That Keep Me Thin.

Today I want to discuss a product that I have used many times to ward off, and also kill,  UTI infections.  Best of all, this product is not an antibiotic, and you do not need to sit at a doctor's office for hours to get it.  If you'd like to learn what this product is and where you can buy it, please keep reading.

A Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is one of the most miserable things in life and I have had my fair share of UTI's since I was a child.  I was born with a condition called vesicoureteral  reflux (VUR), which is where one or both of the ureter tubes that goes from your bladder to your kidneys doesn't work right.  A piece of one of my ureter tubes was bad, and I had surgery to remove the bad piece of the tube when I was young.

Unfortunately, even after surgery, most people tend to have a weaker immune system down there.  Because of this, I was on an antibiotic specific for the bladder for many years as a child, and I have learned that long term antibiotics can be a very bad thing.  When I started taking the same antibiotic again as an adult, I started experiencing complete numbness in my arms, legs, and feet.  When I called the doctor and told them this, the nurse said that this was a common side effect for those that have taken it a lot.  What?!

After stopping the antibiotic immediately, I was left extremely scared to ever take another antibiotic for a UTI again.  It also made me determined to find a natural yet just as effective way to kill a UTI infection.  I am extremely thankful to Jesus for not only healing me of the nerve damage this commonly prescribed antibiotic gave me, but also leading me to the resources I needed to discover a natural remedy that gets rid of such terrible infections.

Enter, D-mannose Powder! D Mannose is a sugar that is naturally found in cranberries.  This sugar is not absorbed like regular sugar into the body, and it will not make your blood sugar spike.  It is also bitter, not sweet.   What is special about this sugar is that it binds to the walls of the bacteria in your bladder. By coating the bacteria, the bacteria is no longer free to cling to the walls of your bladder, which they love to do, making them hard to wash away.   Because the sugar coats the bacteria and keeps it from hanging on to your bladder, when you pee, the bacteria is washed right out with the urine.  This is why people recommend cranberry pills when you have a UTI, because this sugar is in cranberry, but you would have to take so many cranberry pills that you would become sick.  I have done this and I made my blood overly acidic by taking too many cranberry pills.  This product is a miracle product because they extracted only the D-mannose sugar from the cranberries, and this sugar doesn't make you sick like too many cranberry pills will.  If you take a lot of it around the clock to kill a UTI, it can have a slight laxative effect, but I would happily take this effect over the numbness in my limbs I had from antibiotics, or overly acidic blood from too many cranberry pills.

The VitaminShoppe does carry this product however they charge much more per ounce than Amazon does. D-Mannose is definitely not cheap, but it is worth every single penny in my opinion.

The secret to using this product is this:  Combine 1 teaspoon with not more than 4 oz of water.  You want D-mannose Powder to hit your bladder nice and concentrated.  If you dilute D-mannose Powder with too much water in your bladder, it will not effectively bind all the bacteria.  So mix 1 teaspoon of D-mannose Powder with not more than 4 oz of water, and do not drink any more liquid for at least half an hour or so to let the sugar be nice and concentrated in your bladder. After about an hour or two, you can start drinking as you like, but I wouldn't over do it.  The longer the sugar sits in your bladder with little water, the better it binds and coats the bad bacteria. 

Here is my recommended dosage for preventing and treating a UTI with D-mannose:

Daily Maintenance:
1 teaspoon of D-mannose Powder in not more than 4 ounces of water, once a night before you go to sleep.

When you feel an infection coming on:
1 tsp. of D-mannose Powder in 4 ounces of water, three times a day - breakfast, noon, night.

When you already have a UTI infection and need to kill it:
1 tsp. of D-mannose Powder in 4 oz of water, every 2 hours, until you start to feel relief.

I can happily tell you that I always feel immediate relief when I use D-Mannose and it definitely always wards of any twinges of an oncoming infection as well. 

Lastly, I live you with a tip that will dramatically reduce the chances you ever get a UTI to begin with.  Since I began doing this I have had drastically, drastically less UTI's.

The tip is this: Wash yourself every time you go number two, and every time before having sex. I know this is a little gross to talk about, but the biggest cause of UTIs are from E. Coli bacteria found in poop.  E. Coli is most commonly found on animal protein.  The second biggest cause is from Salmonella, which is most commonly found in eggs and egg products such as baked goods, chicken salads, etc.  I actually went vegetarian solely for this reason - to reduce my ingestion of E. Coli and Salmonella bacteria that was giving me UTI infections.  To read more about this, see my post:  3 Reasons to Go Vegetarian.  A quick three second wipe with a little toilet paper is likely not going to clean your body of the poop left over from emptying it out of your body. I take a shower ever single time I go number two if I am home, and it this one step has drastically reduced feeling like I may have an infection coming on. Proper hygiene and cleaning is the number one way to prevent UTI infections from ever even starting, and that is a position everyone should want to be in!!  Prevent that bad bacteria from ever even getting into your bladder in the first place!  For more detailed information on proper hygiene that will prevent a UTI, please see my post, 8 Surprising Sex Hygiene Tips That Prevent UTIs.

I also want to mention something that I have done all my life.  For preventative maintenance, I take two of Cranberry pills every morning.  I have used this brand all my life and believe it is one of the best and highest quality high dose cranberry pills on the market.  These pills also contain Vitamin C and the herb Uva Ursi.  As I mentioned above, it is not good to take too many cranberry pills a day as it can make your blood acidic.  This is why I only take two cranberry pills per day.  D-Mannose is much more concentrated and powerful than cranberry pills are, and it does not have any negative effects on your body.   However, if you desire to add a gentle extra preventative maintenance supplement, this Cranberry supplement is great.

I also use Oil of Oregano when I feel a UTI infection coming on.  This is another miracle product.  I take it twice a day, and don't take it longer than 2 weeks - I usually stop it within 2-4 days. Oregano is known to have a special ability to kill E. Coli, the main bacteria that causes UTIs. It's reviews on Amazon also mention that it can also wipe BV, candida, and even Lyme's Disease! If you are pregnant or nursing, do NOT take oregano!  Also, do not take oregano for extended periods of time.  You should stop taking oregano as soon as you feel relief.

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I hope this post will help you and all other UTI suffers everywhere.  As someone that has suffered many of these awful infections, I truly know how extremely horrible and miserable they are, and how they can make life seem hopeless and terrible.

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Learn how to get rid of UTI infections naturally without synethtic antibiotics that cause bad side effects. Stop the debilitating cycle of reoccuring UTI infections in its tracks today!. #uti #urinarytract #womenshealth #sexualhealth #alternativehealth

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