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3 Healthy Hair Styling Products for Curly & Damaged Hair

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My 3 Step Routine for Applying Styling Products To Keep My Curly & Damaged Hair Healthy.

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If you have curly or damaged hair, you know that it's a struggle to keep it knot and tangle free.  Sometimes I feel like just the air can make my curly and damaged hair extremely knotty and tangled.  If you read The Makeup Equation, you know that I am a die hard color chameleon.  I love to change up my hair color, but unfortunately all that hair dye and stripping of hair dye has seriously damaged my naturally curly hair.  Because my hair is curly and also overly processed, I am extremely careful with the styling products I put in my hair.  There are a lot of bad ingredients that you want to try to avoid - please see my post Cosmetic Ingredients To Avoid for a more detailed list.

So many hair styling products list alcohol or sulfates as one of the top three first ingredients in their ingredient list, it's truly crazy! As an educated consumer, I know those two ingredients are absolutely terrible for my hair.  Even if my hair was as healthy as could be, alcohol and sulfates would still be destructive to my hair.  This is why I only use styling products that have good ingredient lists and I read those lists before I ever buy a product.

Today I want to share with you my 3-step hair styling product routine.  Here I will discuss the exact styling products I use on my wet hair after I get out of the shower.  I list everything I use and explain what I use it for and why I use it.
First, let me give you a little history on my hair.  If you want to see all the colors I have had in my hair and what I have put it through, please see my post How to Dye Damaged Hair Bright Magenta Red DIY.  If you read that post, you will see that I have had many, many hair colors in my hair and I have stripped my hair many, many, many times! 

Honestly, I really shouldn't have any hair at all because of what I have done to it, but I still have relatively healthy hair because I only use the best hair styling products and hair treatment products on it - please see my post How to Do An Olaplex Treatment At Home for the deep treatment I use to keep my hair alive.

Here is what my hair currently looks like:

Here is my exact hair care routine for applying styling products after I have washed my hair in the shower:

1.  Detangler.  The first thing I do is spray this detangler onto my hair.  I literally cannot brush my hair if I do not spray this on first.  I am not exactly sure how it works, but it literally takes my tangled wet hair from impossible to comb to smooth and easy to come.  I use this on my daughter's hair also as she has very curly hair too.

2. Styling Cream. The next thing I do to my hair after brushing it smooth is to apply this styling cream. You will notice that this is actually a leave in conditioner, and not technically a styling product, but you can use leave -in conditioners as styling creams if you use just a small amount of it.  I take about a quarter sized amount of this, rub it between the palm of my hands, then apply it all over my hair, mostly on my damaged ends as my roots don't need too much styling product because they are so healthy.  This styling cream greatly reduces frizz and tames even the wildest curls.  The ingredient list is absolutely fantastic, one of the best I have EVER seen.  You can buy this leave-in conditioner styling cream directly from Amazon here.
3.  Protein Spray.  A good protein spray is really important for overly damaged and color treated hair.  When you color and strip your hair, you are removing the keratin in the hair follicles, and keratin makes up a very big part of your hair! Without keratin your hair is limp and has no body.  You can help to replenish the keratin in your hair by using a protein spray.  I love this protein spray because it also contains olive oil and other healthy oils that will add shine to your hair and tame the frizz.  I apply this product to my hair every few days.  I apply it by spraying one pump into the palm of my hands, rubbing my hand together, then running my hands through my hair from top to bottom.  You can also order this directly from Amazon if you don't feel like looking around for it at different stores. Here is the link on Amazon: Conditioning Spray.

I hope you found my hair care routine helpful.  As I said in the beginning, the fact that I have any hair at all after all the damage I have done to it is proof of how good these products are.  In my opinion these styling products are best thing you can do for your hair.   If you found this post helpful to you, please share it and spread the love.  You can find more of my hair articles under my page, Hair.  To get coupon codes for many of the brands I work with, see my page, Coupon Codes.

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