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11 Skinny People Habits That Keep Me Thin

skinny people habits to keep you skinny

11 Life Habits That Keep Me Naturally Skinny.

Today I want to write about a topic that I have been asked about many times. The question I am often asked is, "how do you stay so skinny?".  It always seems like a funny question to me because I don't really try hard to stay skinny, yet I also know that I do some things that others do not do, and that those things probably help me to keep my slender frame.

I want to preface this post by saying that I am not one of those people that can just eat and eat and never gain weight.  I gained 50 pounds during my first pregnancy, and 40 pounds with each of my other two pregnancies, so I am definitely more than capable of gaining lots of weight.  I did not stick to these skinny life habits during my pregnancies, and I think that is a big reason why I ended up gaining so much.  As a result, I know that my life habits do work and can help anyone to lose weight and stay thin.

Below I list my eleven best skinny habits that I do.  These eleven habits have not only kept me slender, but they have helped me shed the pounds after periods of weight gain. 

Without further ado, here are my top eleven best skinny people life habits:

1.  I don't drink alcohol.

This is something that I rarely share with people, generally just because of the shocked looks I get when I do.  When I say I don't drink, I mean that I consume absolutely no alcohol whatsoever of any sort, and I never have.  I never got into alcohol during my youth thankfully.  After I became an adult, I saw the devastating effects it has on people's lives, and it was enough to make me never want to start drinking. 

Alcohol is a huge source of hidden calories and can really effect the appearance.  Not only is alcohol high in calories, the calories are empty calories - pure sugar.  Further, alcohol is also made up of chemicals that are toxic to the body.  So not only will alcohol help make you overweight, it will also destroy your body in other ways.  The research has shown over and over that alcohol has very damaging effects on most major organs, especially the brain, stomach, intestines, and liver.  Alcohol encourages the overgrowth of bad yeast and bacteria in your gut, which can lead to bad breath.  See my post, The Number One Best Way To Get Rid Of Bad Breath, if this is something you are struggling with.  Alcohol has been shown to change brain chemistry and actually kills brain cells.  It's toxic effects on the liver are pretty well known, but less well known is that it can also cause common cancers such as colon cancer.  In my post, Makeup Causes Wrinkles in 3 Ways, I discuss how alcohol can also prematurely age your skin.

If you currently drink, please do not feel like I am judging you!  I have family that struggles with alcohol consumption and I completely understand how addictive it can be and how hard it can be to go dry.  It is a new year and a great time to work on kicking bad habits out the door.  

A great way to get motivated to stop drinking is to read about all the devastating health effects alcohol has on the body.  Try to take things one day at a time and avoid situations where you know you will feel tempted or pressured to drink.  Some of my family members have also found that reading the Bible helps them to not drink.  Find what works for you and stick with it, and every small reduction in your alcohol consumption should be taken as a victory and something to be celebrated!  Hard work pays off, just stick with it and keep trying!

2.  I don't drink soda.

Soda is another huge source of hidden empty calories, all of which come from sugar.  If you want to gain weight, increase your sugar.  If you want to lose weight, decrease your sugar.  Sugar itself is also toxic to the body and contributes to Type II diabetes and feeds cancers. 

I was almost never given soda to drink as a child, so soda isn't something I desired as an adult.  If you have read my post, How to Get Rid of UTI Infections Fast Without Antibiotics, you know that I have struggled with UTI infections for most of my life because I was born with a weakened urinary tract immune system.  Because of this, I try to avoid consuming high levels of sugar in my diet as the sugar can bring on a UTI infection. 

One can of soda contains more sugar than a big bowl of ice cream, and the sugar will hit your bloodstream faster than sugar in food because there is no fat or protein in soda.  If you are trying to lose weight, I really recommend cutting out the soda.  One of the best ways to cut the soda is to just stop buying it, and banish it from your home. 

3.  I breastfed my babies.

Not only is breastfeeding super healthy for baby, it's also super great for mommy!   Remember when I said earlier that I gained 50 pounds with my first child and 40 pounds for each of my other two?  This was a lot of weight, and I would not have been able to shed the pounds so easily if I did not nurse each one of my children until they were at least a year and a half.  Did you know that you actually burn more calories breastfeeding than you do being pregnant?  Breastfeeding also protects mommies from breast and ovarian cancers.  I really, really, recommend this skinny people life habit! 

4.  I try to get as much sleep as possible.

woman sleeping

Read the expert recommendations on how much sleep adults should get and you will probably laugh.  They recommend 7-9 hours of sleep a day for adults!  I know that this is way more than most of us mamas get.  But I also know that sleep is extremely linked to weight gain and loss because I have seen it in my own life.  On the days when I am running on only 4-5 hours of sleep, which does unfortunately happen as a busy mom, my sweet tooth is really strong.  I will reach for cookies and chocolate all day long.  I think this is because sugar is a stimulant.  Most people think that chocolate makes them feel better because of the caffeine it contains, but if you look it up, the caffeine content in most chocolate is actually extremely little and only in trace amounts.  The reason chocolate makes us feel better is because it contains sugar.  Sugar is just as addictive as caffeine and other drugs, and it is also a stimulant.  When I feel sleepy, my body craves sugar.  During periods where I have an intense work load, I gain weight because I get less sleep and I eat more high sugar foods.  During periods of rest and relaxation, which is generally during the summers for me, I am able to catch up on my sleep and my weight drops quickly because I am reaching for the sweets less.

As a mom, I know for a fact that we mothers are completely overworked.  We multi-task all day long and put everyone's  needs ahead of ours and this leads to exhaustion and sleep debt.  After becoming a mother, my sleep patterns drastically changed - you can read more about that in my post,  10 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Pre-Mom Self.  I completely understand that it can be near impossible to get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep a day.  I can't even remember when I got 9 hours of sleep in the last five years honestly.  But all I am saying here is just shoot for the most that you can get.  During the weekends, try to go to sleep a little earlier instead of staying up late.  Small changes that will add an extra hour or two of sleep can really help your body and reduce the sugar cravings.  Studies have shown that a few nights of extra sleep can make up for many nights of little sleep, and that is really encouraging to me.

5.  I rarely eat out.

This should be an encouraging skinny people habit because this life habit will also help you to save money!  My husband and I rarely eat out at restaurants, not because we don't enjoy it, but because we don't have the money to do it. Eating out can be really expensive, especially for a family of five.  But the positive side of not having the money to eat out is that you will actually be keeping yourself thinner by not doing it!

My husband and I have both worked in the restaurant industry.  My husband worked as a cook for seven years during his youth and he has told me some serious horror stories about how much fat goes into the food served at restaurants.  For example, did you know that a Caesar salad is more fattening than most food?  It is because the Caesar dressing is loaded with oil and fat!  I was pretty shocked when my husband told me this and just glad that I never cared too much for salads in general, ha ha.  Restaurant food is good because its super high in fat and salt.  That's the real reason why it tastes so yummy.  So this year, knock out both your saving money resolution and your weight loss resolution by eating out at restaurants less.

6.  I avoid bread.

two pieces of white bread in toaster

This habit may be more well known in the dieting world.  But the reason why I have never been a big bread eater is probably less well known.  As I explain in my post, 5 Unknown Things About the Author of TME, I am highly allergic to sulfates, sulfites, sulfur dioxide, and all sulfa drugs.  These synthetic forms of sulfur attack my joints and muscles, and I have problems walking as a result.  If you read the ingredients on most bread labels, you will find sulfates to be one of the ingredients.  The reason this chemical is added is because it is a preservative, and it helps extend the shelf life of the bread.  

For this reason, I am not able to eat a lot of bread, and since bread in general is usually a source of empty calories and chemicals, it has helped me stay a little thinner as a result.

7.  I avoid eating directly out of a snack bag.

bag of potato chips

I don't remember where I learned this skinny people habit, it may have just been something I picked up on with myself, but I do not allow myself to eat directly out of a snack bag because it will cause me to eat more than I should.  For example, if I put a big bag of chips next to my computer, I will reach and grab for those chips over and over, not paying attention to how many I take and not even enjoying the chips while I eat them.  

If I want to eat a snack that comes from a large bag, I put a handful of the snack into a small sandwich baggie, and I eat the snack out of there.  This way, when I am doing eating the snack, I won't eat more.  I am generally too busy to get up and go re-fill my baggie, and I feel full by the time I am ready to get up and get more.  This is a great method to avoid over eating that results from having food right next to you.   

8.  I practice portion control.

half eaten chocolate bar

This habit sort of goes hand in hand with my #7 skinny people habit.  Portion control is really important when you are trying to lose weight or keep the weight off.  It is a known fact that the body takes a few minutes to feel satiated.  Unfortunately, humans generally eat so fast that they don't allow themselves to feel full until after they have eaten way more than they should have or even would have.  

I personally do not have success with restricting myself (see #9 for more on this).  If I want some chocolate, I have learned that I better give myself some chocolate, or I am going to eat a ton of chocolate because I didn't get some when I wanted some.  I know my body and I know to give it what it wants.  But the trick here is to give it what it wants in small amounts.  So for example, if I am craving a Hershey's chocolate bar, I will buy a big bar, (usually the big ones are cheaper than the smaller ones), but I will only eat a few squares and then put the rest away for another day.  So I don't deprive myself, but I only eat a little bit of a food I know isn't that healthy for me.  This way I have satisfied my cravings, but haven't consumed a ton of bad stuff.  I truly believe that a little bad stuff every few days is way better than a ton of bad stuff one day.  Moderation is truly the key!

9.  I give my body what it craves.

As I mentioned in #8 above, I give my body what it craves.  I have gone through periods in my youth where I would try to cut out candy or chocolate, and it never went well for me.  What generally would end up happening is that I would survive a few days of not eating what I wanted, and then I would cave in and eat a ton of what I had been wanting. Then I would feel sick to my stomach and full of guilt, and I would try to deprive myself of the same foods again.  This cycle of deprivation and binging would continue over and over, and it would wreak havoc on my metabolism and general health and well being.  

During my pregnancies, I learned that the human body is really smart, and it actually will crave what it needs. I was borderline anemic during all of my pregnancies, and I always craved high iron foods.  Please see my post, A Vegetarian Iron Supplement That Is Non- Constipating, if you have this same problem.  Now that I know my body better, I don't deprive myself and I give my body what it craves, but I do so in moderation.  This habit helps to prevent crazy cycles of food elimination and yo-yo dieting that will wreak havoc on the metabolism.  By not depriving yourself, but by eating the bad stuff in moderation, you will be able to stick to a healthier way of eating much easier.  

10.  I drink my coffee black.

This skinny people habit sort of ties in with my #1 and #2 habits.  Drinks that contain sugar are a huge source of hidden empty calories.  I personally don't like my coffee sweet, and as I already mentioned, I have to watch my sugar intake because of my UTI problem.  Try to drink as many unsweetened drinks as possible. I guarantee you will see the pounds literally melt off of you if you implement this one trick of drinking less sugar.

11.  Being busy makes me eat less.

This is a habit that all my busy mamas should love!  I say this because most of us are already way too busy.  I mention this here to say that when you are busy, you will have less time to eat, and less time to think about eating, and these two things can lead to an overall caloric reduction.  It is important, however, that when you do grab some food, try to make it healthy food that isn't loaded in calories. If you are a super busy person and only eat twice a day, but those two meals are always fast food burgers, the chances are that you will probably be consuming a lot of calories.  But if your two meals are something healthy and lower in calories, you will be reducing your overall caloric intake without even knowing it.  Fewer daily calories means a lower number on the scale.

I hope you found this post helpful.  I know that it is unreasonable to ask you to do all of these eleven habits, but if you implement even one or two of them, you are likely to see an improvement in your weight and overall health and energy levels.

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