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My Island Boy Poem

My Island Boy, A Poem.

Hey everyone! Today's post is going to be a little shorter than usual because it's a poem actually!  This is a poem I wrote about the main man in my life, my husband.  I met this man when I was 19 and I have been married to him for 10 years.

Before you read my poem, I would like to say this:  Marriage is one of the hardest things you will ever do.  It will take all your strength, and test you in every way possible.  But fight for it hard anyway, because the wins are better than the losses.

My Island Boy

I looked up and saw you through that hat.
Putting pizzas in the oven while I sat.
Didn't know how dangerous that glance was.
And you thought that I'd be yours just because.
Island breezes kissed my cheeks.
And I'd be sick in love for weeks.
Kept calling 'till I finally gave in.
Took me to see another state and win.
I didn't tell you till the end.
That's when you saw I wasn't pretend.
But I was too complicated for you.
We were worlds apart you knew.
Four years later you'd be back. 
Maybe realized what you lacked.
But the surprise was yours this time.
Had no idea that you'd be mine.
Ten years later we still fighting.
And on the wall is all that writing.
Yeah this bond is complicated.
Marriage can be so overrated.
But who out there cares for me in this life.
Who would break their back and go through strife.
I know it's you, my island boy.
I know your love is not a toy.
I know whose hands He placed me in.
I know I'm the reason for your grin.
How these years have flown right by.
And too many tears, I have cried. 
It's been work from the beginning.
But with you, my island boy, I'm winning. 

~ By Petra. 

Here is a picture of my island boy from our last family vacation.  He is climbing a coconut tree to get us some yummy coconuts to drink.  Here is he reaching for the blade in his pocket to start cutting them down.

man climbing coconut tree

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