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The Number One Best Way To Get Rid Of Bad Breath

The Number One Best Way To Get Rid Of Bad Breath

The Hands Down, Number 1, Best Way To Get Rid Of Bath Breath Quickly.

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Bad breath.  It's a subject nobody wants to talk about.  A topic often associated with embarrassment and shame.  It's also a really common problem.  I am not talking about morning breath here, which is something that everyone has when they wake up on an empty stomach.  I am talking about breath that smells throughout the day, whether you have eaten food or not.  I have discovered the number one, absolute best way to get rid of bad breath and I am really excited to share it with you guys.  If you'd like to see what I discovered, please keep reading.
Most people will have bad breath at some point in their lives.  If you have taken antibiotics even a few times, you are likely to get bad breath.  If you drink regularly, you are likely to get bad breath.  If you eat a lot of fast food animal products, you are likely to get bad breath.

Contrary to popular opinion, bad breath is rarely caused by a dirty mouth.  Bad breath is actually the result of a dirty stomach and dirty intestines.  More specifically, bad breath occurs when there is more bad bacteria and yeast in the gut than good bacteria.  This is why mouth washes are only a temporary fix and only hide bad breath for a little while until the minty smell wears off.

When I was pregnant with my first child, I started off in the care of an OB/GYN for a few months.  During this time, I was prescribed a lot of drugs that were very bad for the baby inside of me.  I was given Zofran for my extreme morning sickness.  Little did I know that the drug Zofran can actually cause heart defects and now has a class action lawsuit against it.  I thank Jesus that my son was born completely healthy despite taking such a dangerous drug for the first four months of my pregnancy.

I was also prescribed different high-dose antibiotics if I felt like I had a UTI coming on.  (Please see my post, How to Get Rid of a UTI Infection Without Antibiotics, if you want to learn how to wipe out UTI infections without having to use antibiotics.)  Little did I know, the antibiotics were not only killing off the good bacteria in my own body, but they were completely wiping out the good bacteria in my baby's delicate system.  After too many months of being cared for by the medical establishment, God gave me the wisdom to leave the OB/GYN system for good, and I found myself a great licensed midwife that was not associated with the hospital establishment.  I went on to have a fantastic homebirth experience with my first child, and I stuck with midwives not associated with hospitals for my next two pregnancies as well.

Why did I mention all of this?  Because those antibiotics that I took when my first child was in my belly wiped out the good bacteria in my baby's gut, and my poor son had very bad breath as a toddler and a young child as a result.  He also suffered from constipation as a toddler because he had so little good bacteria in his system.   Because of my son having this, I have tried a lot of different things to get rid of bad breath, and I have found the cure.  I am really happy to say that my son's breath smells great now, and I want to share exactly what I discovered with all of you guys.
First, before I tell you what works, let me tell you what doesn't work.

Probiotics & Yogurt.  I truly believe that probiotics are a complete waste of money.  I myself have never noticed them to do a thing for me, especially when it came to preventing urinary tract infections, and I have tried a lot of very expensive, and supposedly refrigerated, brands.  I noticed zero difference whether I was taking them or not taking them.  Bacteria needs to be refrigerated, and so many of these probiotic supplements are not refrigerated.  Even if they are at the store, they probably weren't when they were shipped to the store or your house.  And the same went for yogurt, no matter how high quality it was.  Yogurt did absolutely zero for my son's bad breath despite him eating a lot of it. 

Nasal Sprays.  This is a product that circulates on the online forums about bad breath.  The whole idea here is that there is food that is fermenting in your nasal passages and that is what is causing the bad breath.  Whether or not there is anything up your nose or not, I don't personally believe it is what is causing bad breath.  Bad breath comes from deep in the stomach, not the nose.  That said, I have noticed that if you eat a lot of onions, your nose can get a little stinky.  So, while you may want to try this product for other reasons, I wouldn't use to eliminate bad breath.

Mouthwash.  All mouthwash does is mask the odor of bad breath for a little while.  Once that strong mint smell wears off, you are back to the same place you were in before you swished.  

Excessive Flossing/Scraping the Tongue - This does nothing to stop bad breath because the problem is in the stomach and intestines, not the mouth.  That said, good oral hygiene is important for other reasons, chiefly gum health.  Always try to brush and floss twice a day.  Gum disease can lead to cardiovascular disease, so healthy gums are always a good idea, even if they don't have anything to do with breath.

So, what does work then?  Two words:  Fermented food!

Fermented food is full of good bacteria.  It is so high in good bacteria, and sometimes good yeast, that it will easily and quickly re-populate your gut with the good stuff.  Once that happens, say goodbye to bad breath.  It literally will disappear.  What type of fermented food you ask?  Well let me tell you what I have used with great success:
I know about the popular drink kombucha, but I am not a fan of it because it has alcohol in it, which is not only something that I personally avoid, but definitely something you want to avoid if you are giving it to children.  I am also not a fan of how messy it is.  Pickles are a great source of good bacteria and  vitamins, especially Vitamin K which many  people are low in, but I haven't found pickles to be as strong as what I use.

The only food I use to wipe out bad breath quickly and effectively is this:  fermented cabbage! 
The Number One Best Way To Get Rid Of Bad Breath

I have found fermented cabbage to be incredibly strong and fast acting and it has cured the bad breath in my household!  The added benefit of cabbage is that is contains sulfur compounds that increase the liver's ability to remove toxic compounds, including those that cause cancer, from the body.

Want to learn something really fascinating?  Many countries around the world have their own version of fermented cabbage.  This just goes to show that there is something seriously magical about the health benefits of fermented cabbage in my opinion.

The Number One Best Way To Get Rid Of Bad Breath

Germany has the sauerkraut that you so often see on hot dogs. A really popular brand is Cleveland Kraut Sauerkraut 4-pack (Whiskey Dill Sauerkraut). They have some seriously awesome flavors and really good reviews. Another really great raw and organic one that comes without any flavoring is Organic Raw Sauerkraut, "Great Plain" Variety, 16 Oz Glass Jar. They also have very good reviews.  I have an allergy to sulfites, see my post, 5 Unknown Things About The About the Author of TME to learn more, so if you share this allergy, please always read the ingredients on your sauerkraut, as fermented food can contain sulfites or sulfur dioxide as a preservative. 

Central America has a version of fermented cabbage called "curtido".  Curtido is frequently eaten with a delicious food called pupusas.  To learn what pupusas are and how to make them, please see my recipe, Pupusas, on my Latin cooking blog.  My husband is from El Salvador and he introduced me to curtido and pupusas when we were dating.  I was hooked and have been making it ever since.

Asia has their own version of fermented cabbage called kimchi. Amazon carries a really great brand of kimchi called Mother in Law's Kimchi House Napa Cabbage, 16 oz. This stuff is delicious and also makes great gifts and housewarming presents.

I personally like to eat fermented cabbage with rice, tortillas, and meats, but there really is an unlimited number of options when it comes to mixing fermented cabbage with food.  Find what works for you and shoot to eat it a few times a week if you struggle with bad breath.  And even if you don't struggle with bad breath, fermented cabbage is so healthy, its a great food to incorporate into your diet anyway.

I sincerely hope that this tip will help you conquer any bad breath woes in your household.  It's terrible to feel ashamed or embarrassed by something that you have no control over.  Now you can take back control of your life and wipe out that bad bacteria and populate your gut with the good stuff.  Your breath will smell amazing after you incorporate fermented cabbage into your diet and consume it on a regular basis. The added benefit is that you will be detoxing your body of dangerous chemicals in the process.

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