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10 Beauty Affiliate Programs

A long list of high paying beauty affiliate programs for beauty bloggers. #beauty #beautyblogger #blogger #affiliate #affiliatemarketing

Beauty Affiliate Programs & Makeup Affiliate Programs For Beauty Bloggers.

Every Beauty Blogger Needs This List!

This post contains affiliate links.  If you purchase or subscribe using the links provided, I may be compensated a small amount, never at any extra cost to you.  Please see my page Affiliate Disclaimer if you are interested in learning more.

Are you a beauty blogger?  Are you looking for some good affiliate programs to join where you can promote a brand you believe in and get paid for it?  If so, this post is for you.  Today I am going to list 10 beauty companies that I am an affiliate of.  All of these companies are affiliate friendly and the commission is good.  Some will even send you free samples to review on your blog if you ask them.  If you'd like to find out which companies you should be an affiliate of as a beauty blogger, please keep reading.  

Beauty affiliate programs. Makeup Affiliate programs. High Paying Affiliate Programs. #beauty #blogger #affiliate #makeup

I am very picky about the beauty affiliates I join.  I examine what the company is about, what they believe in, and most importantly, the ingredients in their products.  I am also not a fan of merchants that require a ridiculous amount information about me and my blog before they send me something to review.  I am promoting their products and I am driving business to their company with my reviews and pictures, so when a merchant asks for way too much private information, I decide that it is not going to be a good fit for me and I remove myself from the program.

With that said, the companies I am going to list for you are beauty companies that have passed all my requirements.  I like what their company is about, I like the ingredients in their products, and I like the way they treat their affiliates.  Some of these companies have provided me with samples to review, and I note this and provide a link to my review for all that have done this.

Many of the companies listed below are members of the giant affiliate program If you are unfamiliar with, which in my opinion is one of the best affiliate networks out there, please see my post, 5 Ways ShareASale Changed my Life.

If you do not wish to join ShareASale at this time, you can simply use my links to join any of the individual programs I list directly.  When you apply to these programs, you do not need to type anything in box where it asks how you plan to promote, just leave that part blank, it will not affect your chance of being accepted into the program.  I always leave the boxes blank.

Some other companies listed are part of the Awin Affiliate Program.  This is also a popular affiliate programAwin gives affiliates a $30 bonus for every new affiliate they refer!  There is a one time fee of $5 to join Awin, but they give this right back to you in your first payout.  Their minimum threshold for payment is the lowest I have seen - just $20!! - and they even offer payouts twice a month.  Once your referral makes their first affiliate sale, you are paid the $30. 

After you have been emailed that the company has approved you into their affiliate program, simply email them back and ask if they provide their affiliates with samples or gift credit to review an item on your blog.  If you have a media kit, see my post - How To Create A Free Media Kit in 5 Minutes, if you want to learn how to easily make one - send it with your email.  Also send them some links of any other product reviews you have done if you have any.  Don't worry if you don't have any yet, some companies will still be happy to provide you with a sample even if this is your first time.

I am very loyal to companies that have treated me well, and if I need a product or a gift, I will try to buy it from my affiliate companies first if I can.  You, and any friends and family, may purchase products using your own links.  Some affiliate programs, such as Amazon, do not allow you or family/friends to use your own links when purchasing, but all the merchants in the program do allow it, and this is a huge plus for me!  This means that you will automatically earn cash back for any purchase you make from your ShareASale merchants.  I promote my affiliate companies through both my product reviews, which you can view under my page, Product Reviews, and through my page, Coupon Codes.  Both of these pages are always located at the top of my site.  I also promote them on my other social media platforms, especially Instagram.  

Let's get into the ten affiliate programs every beauty blogger needs to be a part of.  Please note that there is now more than ten merchants on this list as I update it often and have added many more since it was written.

100% Pure Cosmetics Join Program.
They offer new affiliates a discount code on first purchase in exchange for a review.  You can view my review of one of their signature products here: Wax Free Lip Product List.

They offer new affiliates a complimentary sample in exchange for a review.  They also offer anyone their first bath soak free, you just pay for shipping.  You can view my review of their awesome bath soaks here:  Bathorium Helps You Create The Perfect Spa Experience Here

BioClarity - A cruelty free and vegan skincare company that focuses on clearing skin the natural way.   Just for being my reader, you can get 50% OFF of the BioClarity 3-Step Clear Skin-System when you use my code, MUE50.  You can join their affiliate program via Impact Radius.

Buxom Cosmetics - Get 15% OFF your order when you signup for email and shipping is FREE over $25. You can join the Buxom Cosmetics program via FlexOffers

Cleopatra's Choice 
This company sells high quality luxury skincare products at affordable prices.  You get 3 FREE samples with every single order.  My two favorite products are from their goPure line.  They are the goPure Retinol Facial Serum (with high active concentration of Retinol and the goPure "Youth Glow" Eye Gel, both of which are in the picture below.  They sent me a 25% off coupon to use on my first order as a new affiliate.

ColourPop Cosmetics - This company doesn't currently have a referral program, but they still allow you to refer friends!  You can get $5 off your first order with my personal link: $5 OFF!

Cover FX  - A super popular cosmetics company found in many big stores such as Sephora, Ulta, and more.  An email signup will get you 15% off your first order.  You can join their affiliate program via  ShareASale.

Ecocentric Mom
They offer new affiliates a complimentary box in exchange for a review.  You can view my full review of them here:  Ecocentric Mom Will Slay Your Baby Shower Gifts.

Ellebox is your source for organic, 100% cotton, tampons and pads, plus tea, chocolate, and two amazing self care gifts for you.  Completely chemical free - no chlorine, bleach, pesticides, synthetic fibers, or crude oil in these tampons and pads!  Right now until May 27, 2018, you can get your second box free with coupon code 2ndBox.  This offer is valid on both Comfort and Essential boxes and shipping is totally free!  Their First Period Tween Box makes a great gift for girls entering womanhood, and they are the perfect thing to take to any First Moon Period Party.  My full review can be found here: ElleBox Period Box Review + Coupon For Free Box.

Freedom Deodorant- So you've heard that antiperspirant causes cancer, but all the natural deodorant out there don't work well.  What is a girl to do?  Try Freedom Deodorant! You don't have to reapply this natural deodorant throughout the day like you do with other natural deodorants.  Here is $10 OFF your 1st order with my links:  Get $10 OFF Freedom Deodorant!

Global Healing Center - Get serious about beautifying your body from the inside out with products from the Global Healing Center.  The quality and purity of the nutritional supplements sold by Global Healing Center is simply superior - just read the reviews on any of their products.  I fell in love with their products before I became an affiliate.  You can join their affiliate program via Impact Radius.  This is the only place I now buy my Biotin from!  I also love their Latero-Flora Probiotic and their Oxy-Powder Colon Cleanse.  To learn about their phenomenal weight loss products, see my post, Lose Weight Like An A Lister With These 5 Brilliant Supplements

This company is a beauty subscription box company.  Their beauty boxes are HUGE and jam packed with tons of makeup, skincare, and hair products, including some very popular brands like ColourPop Cosmetics, Cover FX, & La Roche- Posay Skincare.  You can apply to be an affiliate with them in the AWIN Affiliate Network. I was sent a box to review almost immediately after signing up to become an affiliate.  To help you celebrate the start of travel season, all new glossy members will receive a FREE Laura Geller Illuminating Stick.  And to help you have a little extra money during your travels, GlossyBox is giving you 20% OFF your one month GlossyBox subscription with the code Jet20, good through May 31, 2018.  You can view my latest reviews of these GlossyBoxes here: GlossyBox Mother's Day Limited Edition Box 2018 Review + Coupons.

Impressive Smile. Are you looking to whiten your teeth? Check out Impressive Smile!  My full review on one of their best selling teeth whitening kits can be found here: Impressive Smile Teeth Whitening Kit Review.  In addition to oral hygiene products, they also carry Beauty & Health products.  You can join their affiliate program here: Join Impressive Smile Affiliate Program! Earn up to 22% commission!

Most people are familiar with Julep nail polish as it is very high quality.  They offer affiliates free products seasonally, just email them to be put on the list if they aren't doing it at the moment.  This is a very popular beauty affiliate program naturally.  Right now take 50% OFF SITEWIDE with this coupon code.

La Roche-Posay Skincare - You can join the La Roche- Posay Skincare through FlexOffersFlexOffers is another fantastic affiliate network that has a very user friendly interface and is easy to join and set up.  Payments are made the following month once your account balance reaches $25.

Laura Mercier Cosmetics  - You can join the Laura Mercier Cosmetics through FlexOffersFlexOffers is another fantastic affiliate network that has a very user friendly interface and is easy to join and set up.  Payments are made the following month once your account balance reaches $25.

Lime Crime  - Lime Crime is a vegan and cruelty free makeup and hair supplier.  They don't have an affiliate program yet but you can refer friends.  Noted as the source for all unicorns, their stuff is pretty seriously awesome.  Their Unicorn Hair Products are very popular.  My two favorite unicorn hair shades are: "Anime", (candy blue),  and "Bunny", (pastel pink). Just for being a reader, get $5 off your 1st order with my personal coupon link here: Get $5 OFF Your Order!  Here's a Pro-Tip: If you want to make the Lime Crime Tints last as long as possible, mix them with Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Full Coverage colors.  The Full Coverage colors last longer than the Tints.  My full review on many of their hair colors can be found in this post: DIY Fantasy Hair Color How To Guide

Ora's Amazing Herbal  - If you are looking for top quality skincare infused with powerful herbs, check Ora's Amazing Herbal out!  This is a family run business that is organic, cruelty free, and ethically and sustainably operated.  If you have eczema, you MUST try their Touchy Skin Salve!  If you are looking for a high quality hand cream that smells just like a lemon donut, you need their Citrus Grove Ultra Healing Body Butter

Sally Beauty 
Most of you know Sally Beauty, they sell just about everything you can need for your hair and face. A few products I buy from them over and over are:  Palladio Herbal Baked Blush in Rosey  (My all time favorite blush I use almost every day) ; Palladio Herbal Precision Eye Liner in White Out  (The best white eyeliner I have found that contains no wax that causes allergies.  See my post, Wax Free Lip Product List to read about cosmetic wax allergies.  I use it in my waterline to brighten my eyes.); Intense Treatment Hair Masque from True by Made Beautiful.

Sephora  - You can join the Sephora affiliate program through FlexOffersFlexOffers is another fantastic affiliate network that has a very user friendly interface and is easy to join and set up.  Payments are made the following month once your account balance reaches $25.

TargetYou can join the Target affiliate program through Impact Radius.  Target is currently offering FREE SHIPPING on all items from now until December 23.  Target carries many popular name brand cosmetic items, such as NYX Cosmetics, which they frequently do BOGO sales on!

Tarte Cosmetics - You can join the Tarte Cosmetics affiliate program through FlexOffersFlexOffers is another fantastic affiliate network that has a very user friendly interface and is easy to join and set up.  Payments are made the following month once your account balance reaches $25.

The Body Shop  - I love The Body Shop!  I buy almost all my makeup brushes and this amazing wax free lip balm from The Body Shop.  You can join their affiliate program through FlexOffersFlexOffers is another fantastic affiliate network that has a very user friendly interface and is easy to join and set up.  Payments are made the following month once your account balance reaches $25.

Uberliss  - This company primarily sells a keratin treatment kit and fantasy hair colors that have bond builders in them.  Many of the products you can only buy if you are a stylist, however you are able to purchase the fantasy hair color bond builders as a customer even if your not a stylist.  You can get 15% off your first order with my personal code: Get 15% OFF Your 1st Order!

Yuve  - Heal your insides, and your outsides will shine! This company sells delicious vegan protein shakes, as well as matcha teas and vitamins, that help you lose weight and also maintain peak nutrition.  Their plant powders also do not contain hemp powder, for anyone concerned with hemp.  Get 15% off your first order with promo code Note15.  If you are a blogger or influencer, you can join their affiliate program here: Join Yuve Now

Bdellium Tools Affiliate Program
A provider of professional makeup artist tools and brushes.

Kiss and Makeup Online

I hope you have fun joining all these great affiliate programs.  Here are a few other posts in which I list some great affiliate programs for bloggers and influencers in specific niches:

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Many of the merchants listed will send bloggers free samples or gift credit in exchange for a review.

And if you are a beauty blogger trying to grow your Instagram presence, you may enjoy this article I wrote:

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