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10 Genius Ways To Use Your Free Samples

10 Genius Ways To Use Your Free Samples

10 Genius Ways To Use All Those Free Samples You Have Laying Around.

Do you love free samples?  I got super into free samples a few years ago, and I ended up collecting so many free samples that I had no idea what to do with them.  After some time passed, I came up with 10 genius ways to use all the free samples I had laying around my house.  If you would like to learn the 10 ways you can put your samples to good use too, please keep reading!

Here are ten genius ways you can put all those free samples to good use!

1.  Create a toiletry basket for your guest room.

10 Genius Ways To Use Your Free Samples

Here is a picture of one of my toiletry baskets I created for our guest room.  Hotel's have toiletry baskets, why can't you?  Visiting guests are often in need of shampoo, conditioner, lotions, and hair gel products, so why not offer them some of your free samples?

2. Create a pampering basket for an expecting mom.

10 Genius Ways To Use Your Free Samples

Why not put some of of your samples in a pampering basket for an expecting mothering?  Since many of these samples are body care products, they would be great to include in a pampering basket for a baby shower gift. 

3.  Hold a mom swap.

10 Genius Ways To Use Your Free Samples

This is one of the funnest ideas on my list.  Why not have some of your mom friends over for a mom swap?  Ask each of your friends to bring some items they would like to swap.  You can use your sample items in your swap.  Lay everyone's items on a big table and then let everyone take what they would like.  

4.  Give them away at yard sales.

10 Genius Ways To Use Your Free Samples

Do you hold an annual yard sale?  Yard sales are a great way for moms to get rid of old clothes their kids have grown out of and make some extra cash in the process.  Why not add your samples to things you want to sell?  I know many women that do this and they always make good money.

5.  Put them in Easter baskets.

10 Genius Ways To Use Your Free Samples

Easter is just around the corner ladies and many free samples can make great easter basket gifts, especially for teen girls.  I know that I have received sample nail polish, scented lotions, and female toiletry products and these all would make great gifts for any teen or tween girl you know of.

6.   Create a welcome basket for new neighbors.

10 Genius Ways To Use Your Free Samples

This is one of the most creative ideas on the list in my opinion.  How many of you out there have wished you had something to welcome a new neighbor with?  Why not make them a beautiful welcome basket using some of your free samples?  I have received sample flower seed packets in the past and seed packets are great for any new neighbor welcome basket.  

7.  Put them in a pinata.

10 Genius Ways To Use Your Free Samples

If you have children, you probably know that they love pinatas.  If you have any kid friendly samples, why not include them in a birthday pinanta for the kids?  The samples are sure to break up the monotony of the typical candy gift found inside of a pinata.  

8.  Include them in your Christmas stockings.

10 Genius Ways To Use Your Free Samples

Samples such as scented lotions, perfumes, cute band-aids, and even floss can all make great stocking stuffers.

9.  Hold a holiday drawing or giveaway.

10 Genius Ways To Use Your Free Samples

Do you have lots of visitors over the holidays?  Why not have everyone enter their name into a drawing and the winner can take home some of your samples.  To make things more fun, make your giveaway into a contest.  You can ask your guests to guess the number of something in a jar, or the guess something about the host or hostess.  

10.  Hold a white elephant gift exchange.

10 Genius Ways To Use Your Free Samples

Have you heard of a white elephant gift exchange?  This is where everyone brings a silly small gift under a certain dollar value, and then swaps that gift with someone else at the party. The gifts are meant to be silly in nature.  If you have some good samples, you could easily use them as your gifts in this white elephant exchange.

There are lots of great sites out there where you can find free samples.  One of the most well known sites that I have used a lot myself is

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