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3 Vital Mind Shifts For A Happy Life

3 Vital Mind Shifts For A Happy Life

 3 Types of Thinking For A  Happy & Joy Filled Life.

How is everyone doing today?  Is it just me, or has it been a rough couple months for bloggers?  Pinterest has thrown me a few curve balls with their new algorithm and the current bug that is keeping me from viewing my followers.  If you are following me and I have not followed you back, please forgive me!  I currently cannot view my new followers and am waiting for this bug to get fixed.  Combine the blogging drama with a few other personal set backs and I just feel like life has been throwing darts at me recently.

Today I want to talk about three critical types of thinking that will keep you from slipping deep down into the abyss of depression when life throws darts at you.  Life has a tendency to go bad in spurts, have you ever noticed that?  Maybe it's just in my life, but I feel like things always go bad at the same time.  All this bad stuff can really hurt a person's spirits and put them on a path towards depression.  Keep reading to learn my three strategies to continue to find joy in life when things aren't going well.

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Here are the three mind shifts you need to make to keep joy in your life:

1. Work with what you have.

I could also title this first point, "work it honey!". 

Would you be surprised to hear that you don't have to make tons of money to feel content and successful in life?  It's true. What is more important is learning how to use the money you have to the best of your abilities.  There really is some truth to the saying that you can still live rich even when you are poor.  How do you do this?  Use the money that you have the best you can. 

If you read The Makeup Equation, you know that we are a family of five living on one income that is nowhere close to six figures.  And yes, I am not going to lie, it is beyond hard to be a one income family these days.  I feel like the world is literally set up for two income families.  Everything from the price of homes and cars to vacations are all inflated to match two income families.  We have survived on one income because of being clever with how we use the money we have, and using it the best way we can.  For example, I buy almost all of our kids clothes gently used from yard sales; We only buy used cars; And I am all about samples and coupon codes and discounts when it comes to buying makeup and clothes.   To read more about all my saving money tricks, please see the articles under my page, Saving Money.

Working with what you have is a principle that be be applied to far more than just money though.  It also applies to marriage - (married ladies, I know I hear ya'll laughing right now!).  Nobody is the perfect person.  No matter how hard you try to marry the most perfect human being, once you get married, you are quickly going to realize that the angelic soul that you thought you married is actually incredibly flawed and half devil in disguise.  How do I know this?  Because all humans are flawed, it's our nature.  The key to a happy and successful marriage is just working with what you got.  So many people in marriage counseling complain that their partners are no longer loving to them.  Do you know how to fix that?  Start acting loving to them, and watch what happens. It may not happen over night, but if they love you, their behavior should become more loving in return to your increased loving actions.  The secret to a successful marriage is not finding the perfect person, but making the best of the person you wound up with.  If you would like to read more of my marriage and relationship posts, please see my page, Relationships.

Working with what you got can also be applied to many other areas of life, just try it!

2. Become a cry baby when you should.

My second point is the complete opposite of my first point, but it applies to different aspects of your life.

I am fully aware that, in general, nobody likes a cry baby and that being a cry baby has a bad rep in our society.  And there are many things in life that require a "get the job done at any cost" attitude or a "work with what you got" attitude like I mentioned in my first point.  Examples of some of these things include child birth, marriage, and schooling.  But there are other circumstances in life where I feel it is actually good to be a bit of a cry baby.  

Do you know why?  Because being a cry baby about something that is making you miserable will help solve the root of the problem.  I think that people should absolutely be cry babies about major life decisions that are making them completely miserable.  Here are some examples:   Is your job making you miserable?  Is your mortgage making you feel suicidal?  Do you loath where you live or what you pay for where you live?  These are the types of things that I think people should be cry babies about. 

Being a cry baby about such huge issues can help you identify what truly makes you happy, and what you are willing to trade for that happiness.  People can easily slip into depression when they are forced to endure something that makes them miserable for over a long period of time.   When you feel completely helpless in your circumstance, it's easy to feel overwhelmed, sad, and depressed.  This type of living also leads to chronic stress, which is incredibly unhealthy for you physically.  Please see my article, My Best Kept Beauty Secret, to learn more about the negative effects of chronic stress.  So when something is making you miserable, it's okay to cry about it!  Identify the problem and make a change that will solve the crux of the matter and lead to greater happiness and joy down the road.

3. Trust God's plan for your life.

As humans, it is so easy to run ahead with our own plans and desires, and forget that God has a plan for our lives that is so much bigger and better than our own.  As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I have been dealing with some big personal setbacks these past two months.  These setbacks are large and very disappointing and they come after a lot of hard work on my part.  It's really easy to get sad and discouraged when things don't go the way we wished them too, especially after you have put a lot of time and energy into them.  The best way to avoid sinking into a deep pit of depression when this occurs is to just remember that God has a bigger and better plan for our lives than we do.  

Sometimes God allows setbacks to mature us spiritually and make us better people.  Other times God allows setbacks because the path we are on is not the path that we need to be on.  Because God is all knowing, He knows what paths will lead to our ultimate good, and what paths will hurt or destroy us.  A big part of faith is trusting God even when things don't make sense or seem to be going badly.  During my recent personal setbacks, I have had to remind myself that God is all powerful and all knowing.  I have had to remember how much God and His Son Jesus love me, and that They are always working behind the scenes for my good, even when it doesn't seem like it.  Remembering how loved I am by the King of the universe has helped me avoid falling off the cliff of sadness and depression. 

Life is anything but simple, and messed up things and messed up times abound in our current world.  The key to surviving this life and maintaining our joy and happiness despite and through it all, is working with what we have been given, being a cry baby when we should be, and trusting God's plan for our lives.  

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