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The Right Way To Use A Lip Scrub

The Right Way To Use A Lip Scrub

You Have Been Using Lip Scrubs The Wrong Way.

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Do you own a lip scrub?  Lip scrubs have been all the rage for a while now.  There are tons of recipes for DIY lip scrubs out there on the web and the flavors are unlimited.  I have seen recipes for bubble gum, candy cane, grapefruit, lavender, and sea breeze lip scrubs, just to name a few. 

Most people assume that the purpose of a lip scrub is to "scrub" off the dead skin on their lips, hence their name.  While this is a function of lip scrubs, there is a much better use of lip scrubs that is not as widely known or practiced.  I believe that this less well known function if lip scrubs is really there main purpose.  If you'd like to learn what this less well known lip scrub function is, and whether or not you have been using your lip scrub wrong all this time, please keep reading.  I have also included my own recipe for my candy cane and watermelon lip scrub.

sugar cane lip scrub

Lip scrubs are like packages of delicious goodness.  Their main components of lip scrubs are sugar, coconut oil, vitamin E, and honey.  I don't know about you, but I love anything that has coconut oil in it. Different flavorings, essential oils, and food dyes are added to change the flavor and color of the scrub, but the main ingredients always remain the same.

Here are some pictures of a candy cane and watermelon lip scrub I make:

peppermint lip scrub

watermelon lip scrub

Here is my personal recipe for a lip scrub:

DIY Lip Scrub:

-2 cups sugar - can use granulated white, sugar cane, organic, the choice is really up to you

(only raw unpasteurized honey offers all the health benefits, which you can read more about in my post, Deep Cleansing DIY Bentonite Clay Mask Recipe.)

-4 tsp. of Vitamin E Oil 

-10-20 drops of essential oil desired - for candy cane scrubs, I use peppermint.  In addition to giving the scrubs their scent, essential oils also serve as antibacterial agents to keep bacteria from growing in the scrubs.

When I want to add color to my scrubs, I use food coloring.  You can get a full set of food coloring in the primary colors for under $4 with free shipping here :Wilton Gel Food Color Set, Primary.  This is the best price I have seen on food coloring ever. 

For  my watermelon flavored lip scrub, I used LorAnn Oil Flavoring in Watermelon to give the scrub a watermelon scent.

You can find the small tin containers that my candy cane lip scrub is in, first picture above, from Amazon.  These are the ones that I use: Healthcom 1oz 12 Pack Metal Steel Tin Flat Silver Metal Tins Empty Slip Slide Round Tin Containers With Tight Sealed Twist Screwtop Cover.

When I want to make large quantities of my scrubs, I store them in empty mason jars.

I make my lip scrubs on the moister side because of what I use them for, which I will talk about more soon below.  I aim for a sugar to liquid ratio of about 2:1, meaning double the sugar to the total amount of liquids created from oil and honey.  If you desire your scrubs to be more coarse and less oily, I would increase to the amount of sugar from 2 cups to 2.5-3 cups.  If you desire your scrubs to be even more moist than mine, then I would use a 1 to 1 ratio of sugar to liquids, meaning equal parts sugar to total liquids from oil and honey.

Now let me get to the what I believe everyone should be using their lip scrubs for: 

Lip scrubs are good at sloughing off dead skin, but they are even better at removing something else.

Lip scrubs are fantastic at removing liquid lipstick!  Put a little bit of lip scrub onto your fingers and rub them onto your liquid lipstick, and the lipstick will come right off!  Lip scrubs are a much more healthy alternative to removing liquid lipstick than makeup remover wipes, because makeup wipes contain alcohol that will really dry out your lips.  Lip scrubs are also better at removing liquid lipstick than plain oil, which can get quite messy and doesn't do the job as well as a scrub does.   I have tried my scrubs on many different types of liquid lipsticks with all different types of finishes - ultra matte, satin, etc - and they work wonderfully at removing them all.  Once you use a lip scrub to remove your lipstick, you will never do it any other way, trust me.

I hope you enjoyed learning the proper way to use your lip scrub.  Lip scrubs are incredibly cheap because once you buy the basic ingredients, you can make the scrubs over and over again.  These lip scrubs will save you lots of money since you won't have to use so many expensive makeup wipes to remove your lipstick.  

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