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10 Cactus Gifts For Cactus Lovers

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10 Cactus Home Decor, Beauty, and Fashion Gifts.

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Hey beauties!  Today I want to talk about a major trend and that trend is the cactus!  You may have noticed that cacti are incredibly in fashion right now and you are seeing them everywhere.  The cactus is dominating home decor, beauty, fashion, and jewelry accessories right now and today I am going to feature some of the hottest cactus items out there right now on the market.  All these items would make great holiday gifts for any cactus lover in your life.   

I have always been a cactus lover and my house contains lots of cacti.  I love the cactus plant because it is really hardy and will always survive and even flower no matter how many times I forget to water it.  I enjoy the bright and beautiful colors of the different species of cacti and their flowers.  I also love cacti because they remind me of the desert.  I am a hot weather girl and I absolutely adore all things about desert living and hope to retire in the desert with my husband  when our kids are all grown up.  For me, the desert is my happy place.  

For all these reasons, I was stoked when I started seeing cactus designs everywhere.  Cactus is the dominating plant and fruit right now and if you love cacti like I do, you won't have a hard time finding cactus decorations anymore.  I have lined up some of the hottest cactus decor, beauty, and fashion on the market.  These make very unique and pretty gifts for anyone that appreciates cacti or loves plants.

 cactus lights

This festive item is sure to fill just about any space with light, love, and laughter. 

2.  Cocoa Butter Semi-Matte Lipstick in Prickly Pear and Cocoa Butter Semi-Matte Lipstick Cactus Bloom 

cactus lipstick

cactus lipstick

If you read The Makeup Equation, you know that I am crazy about 100% Pure Cosmetics because they offer high quality cosmetics and skincare products with great ingredients.  Now we have just one more reason to love 100% Pure Cosmetics - they just came out with a cactus lipstick color line!

 neon cactus light

Neon lights are a major trend right now and you will hit a double home run in the fashion world with this cactus neon light.

4. Cactus Flowers Salt and Pepper Shakers

 cactus salt and pepper shakers set

This darling cactus flower salt and pepper shaker set is sure to make your dinner guests smile. 

 cactus pool float

Bring hope of the warm summer to come this Christmas with this adorable cactus and flower float.

 Cactus shoes. cactus loafers.

How cute are these cactus loafers?  These shoes go with everything are sure to be in fashion no matter what season you may be in.

7.  White Cactus Ankle Socks

cactus socks

How cute are these red and green white cactus ankle socks?  These socksqualify for the 50% off sale going on right now at Missguided, just click the link to get the 50% off coupon code.

How adorable is this cactus jewelry and ring stand? 

If you are as crazy about cacti as I am, this live cactus necklace may be the perfect gift for you! I have never seen a live plant necklace before, this is just about the coolest gift you could give any cactus or plant love.  This item is also less than $10 and is selling fast. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have a cactus phone case.  You can buy the phone case I have here:  3D Cactus Phone Case.   Here is what it looks like:

cactus iphone case

I hope you enjoyed my must have list of cactus gifts. 

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