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Unique and Useful Fathers Day Gifts For 5 Types of Dads

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Unique & Useful Father's Day Gifts For 5 Types of Dads.

This post contains affiliate links.  If you purchase or subscribe using the links provided, I may be compensated a small amount, never at any extra cost to you.  

Dads are so important!!  Father's Day is an easy way to thank your husband and your own dad for all that they do.   If you are struggling with gift ideas this Father's Day, check out this list of unique and useful gifts for five types of dads.  The items on my list are all things that these five types of dads will be able to use in their every day lives.  Many of the items featured on my list are also eligible for special promo codes or discounts, which I have included for you. 

1.  The Dad That's Into Science Fiction.

Does your dad like science fiction?  Does your dad have to deal with long commutes on the subway or frequent business flights?  If so, why not get him a collection of science fiction books from a hot new author that he will be able to read to pass the time.  Thane Keller is a up and coming science fiction author and his books are pretty hard to put down.  I read his first book, Trials, in 2 days because I  literally couldn't put it down.  Here is a three book collection of this author's hottest science fiction books:

2.  The Dad That's Rough On His Clothes.

Is your dad rough with his clothes and always in need of new shirts?  If so, why not get him some new shirts this Father's Day?  Goodie Two Sleeves has some very cute T-shirts for all types of dads, (and the rest of the family too).  Just for Father's Day, you can get 25% off any order with coupon code POPS25.  This coupon is good until 6/18/2017.  After Father's day, you can get 15% OFF any order, just click the link to get 15% off.  

Here are two cute T-Shirts for the dad that loves food and dinosaurs and the dad that loves science: 

Guys #Foodie Dino T-Shirt

 Guys Foodie Dino t-Shirt from Goodie Two Sleeves

Element of Surprise Men's T-Shirt

Element of Surprise Men's T-shirt

I have ordered from Goodie Two Sleeves and can tell you from personal experience that their shirts are very high quality cotton.  They do not shrink or fade no matter how many times you wash them, which is really huge for me, and they also run true to size.  You can see my full review on three of their items here: 5 Things You Need To Know About Goodie Two Sleeves.

3.  The Dad That Likes To Grill

Does your dad like to grill?  Why not get him a manly apron that will protect his clothes when he's grilling for the family?  Flirty Aprons has a huge collection of aprons for men, women, kids, and even babies.  Here is one cute one for the guys:   Grill Sergeant Apron.  Right now, just for Father's Day, you can get 50% OFF any order plus FREE Shipping, just click the link for the offer to be automatically applied to your cart.  This is also a great program to become an affiliate of if you are a blogger, and you can join their affiliate program here:  Join the Flirty Aprons Affiliate Program.  Man Crates also offers a variety of Grilling Man Crates, please read on to number four to read about Man Crates.

4.  The Handyman Dad

 Man Crates Review

Ladies, this is pretty much the ultimate when it comes to gifts for men!  No more wondering what on earth to get your guy!  Man Crates offers awesome gifts for men in very manly containers, just check out some of their packages!  I love this company because they recognize and celebrate that there is no "one size fits all" when it comes to men.  They offer unique Man Crates for men in a variety of hobbies, professions, and eating tastes!  You cannot go wrong when you give your man a Man Crates!  My review of their Hot & Spicy Man Crate and their Pro-Tool Crate is coming very soon, please check back!  The Pro-Tool Crate is the perfect gift for a man who is handy or may even be a craftsman by trade.  My husband is a master carpenter and he was thrilled with the Pro-Tool Crate.

5.  The Nice Smelling Dad.

Does your dad like to smell nice?  Scent Box is a luxury designer fragrance subscription box company that offers a 30 day supply of one of their 650+ designer fragrances for just $13.95 a month and always free shipping.  Scent Box makes owning designer fragrance finally affordable enough for those on any budget.   Here's my coupon code for 50% OFF Your First Month of Scent Box.  Just click on the offer link and the 50% off will be automatically applied to your cart.  You can read my full review here:  Scent Box Review With Special Coupon Code Inside.

I hope you enjoyed my list of unique and useful Father's Day gifts for these five types of dads.  Every dad is special and unique, so why not make his gift special and unique?  If you enjoyed this post, you may also enjoy my other gift guide posts, all of which can be found under my page, Gift Guides, located at the top of my site.  You may also enjoy some of my product review posts, which can be founder under my page Product Reviews, also found at the top of my site.  To get coupon codes for the brands I work with, see my page, Coupon Codes.  Here's wishing you a very special and happy Father's Day with the dads in your life!!

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