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Candy Corn Soap Recipe DIY Neon Colors

Here's an easy and straightforward recipe for DIY candy corn soap.  These handmade candy corn soaps make great gifts and are inexpensive to make.

Candy Corn Soap - An Easy DIY Recipe With Neon Colors.

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Candy corn is going to be a major trend this fall, and I'm not just talking about the candy.  Get ready to see candy corned themed bath and body, fashion, and home decor items just about everywhere you look.  If you have read my posts, Candy Corn Lip Polish Scrub DIY and Candy Corn Party Favors and Gifts,  you know that I am just a little bit obsessed with all things candy corn.

Today I am going to merge my candy corn addiction with soap!  If you read The Makeup Equation, you know that I love to make my own handmade soap.  In my post, Easy DIY Fall Soap Recipe, I talk about the basics of making your own melt-and pour soap and how truly easy and rewarding it is.  Today I am going to walk you through how I make my own version of this ubber popular, brightly stripped, perfect soap soap.

candy corn soap gifts

candy corn soap neon bright colors

Nothing is cuter than candy corn soap, at least to me.  These candy corn soaps make wonderful gifts for just about anyone.  My recipe makes about 12 soaps, (I filled two boxes, not just the one shown), so you will get a lot of soap out of it.  Here are the supplies you will need to make my version of candy cane soap.  I have included my personal notes under each supply. 

Ingredients & Supplies for Candy Cane Soap:

 -Neon soap color

I didn't have neon orange, so I mixed neon red and yellow together to get the orange.

Here is a set from the seller I buy from that has neon orange in it so you don't have to make it from red and yellow, which can get time consuming:  Mineral Makeup Soap Dye Colorant Cosmetic Grade Matte & Shimmer Set Each Color Is Packed In 3 Gram Size Jar Myo 5 Piece Set. Set 9.  I have tried this sellers liquid neon dye and her neon powder dye.  The liquid dye is easier to mix into soap but it can get a slight smell after a while.  Her powder dye is slightly harder to blend into the soap than the liquid is but the powder will never get a smell.  Both items works well to impart neon color to soap so it's really all about personal preference. 

This recipe requires a lot of soap because it makes about 10-12 pieces. If you are only making one or two bars, you can get Soap Expressions By Candlewic. Shea Butter Glycerine Soap Base- 2lb.  Some people like to mix their creamy soap with clear soap for brighter color quality. I did not do this here and only used the clear soap to make the colored candy corn pieces for the top, but it is a really great idea to mix clear and creamy.  Most people use Soap Expressions - Clear Glycerine Soap Base- 2lb for their clear soap base.  This is the one I use as well.

This is to make the small candy corn chunks you will put in the white layer of the soap

-Large silicone loaf pan  square silicone mold

I used a silicone loaf pan for this recipe.  Loaf pans have the advantage of being much taller than square soap molds, so the different colors in the soap stand out much more.  Loaf pan soap does end up with longer tops than bottoms because of how the loaf pan is created.  Square soap molds are the easiest molds to use, but you won't be able to display the different colors as easily, and you also won't be able to make as many pieces - most silicone square mold trays have no more than 6 squares.  I have included links to both the silicone loaf pan and the square soap mold below for you. 

-Any type of soap mold to make the candy corn decorative chunks

I used a small square one then cut the square soap up into pieces to make my candy chunks. 

You can use a candy cane fragrance, like this one here: Candy Corn Fragrance Oil - Premium Grade Scented Oil - 30ml, or any other sugar-scented fragrance you like. For this recipe I used my personal favorite candy scented fragrance oil, 1 fl oz Oatmeal Cookie Dough Fragrance Oil (Glass Bottle w/ Euro Dropper) - GreenHealth. Although the name doesn't suggest a candy smell, its smells just like creamy candy.  The scent is strong enough to be noticed but not over powering and made of natural ingredients.  I use this to make candy corn scented candles as well - see my recipe, Homemade DIY Scented Candle Gift, to get my recipe for making DIY scented candles. 

- A big bowl and spoon to make the soap loaf, and 3 small bowls to make the candy corn chunks.

Okay, now that I have sufficiently overwhelmed you with this ingredient list, let me show you that it really is not that hard to make!

Instructions for Candy Corn Soap:

First, I made my candy corn chunks for the top of your soap.  I did this first because I wanted to get warmed up using the neon colors with something that wouldn't really show too many errors.  Since you are cutting these into chunks, it's okay if you don't blend as well as you should have. This is your warm up before you make the large soap loaf.

2.  Add some neon yellow color to soap and mix well until everything blended.
3.  Pour the neon yellow soap into your small mold. Let sit for about 5 minutes to form hardening skin.
5.  Add some neon red and neon yellow color to the soap and mix well until everything blended. This will create the orange.
6.  Pour the neon orange soap into your small mold, on top of the neon yellow soap. Let sit 5 minutes.
8.  Pour onto your neon orange soap.  Let everything harden.
9.  Once soap has hardened, peel the soap out of the mold and cut into chunks. 

candy corn soap chunks

Now, let's move on to making the soap loaf:

1. Melt about 1/3 of the 5lb. Natural Double Butter.  It may be a little difficult getting the soap out of the container.  I put the entire container in the microwave for about 30 seconds to loosen things up, then used a spoon to scoop the soap out into the container.

double butter soap base

2. Since yellow is always on the bottom of candy corn, we will start with yellow first.  Add your neon soap dye to the melted soap and mix well until the color is blended.

3. Once color blended, add your soap fragrance to desired strength.  Mix again.

4. Pour soap into soap loaf pan as neatly as possible.  Try to avoid getting it on the sides as that will bleed into the other layers.  Let sit for 5-8 minutes before adding next layer.

5. Wash bowl out, dry, and add the next 1/3 mixture of the  5lb. Natural Double Butter.

6.  Melt your soap, and add your neon orange, (or red and neon yellow to make orange).  If you are making orange from red and yellow, note that it takes more red than yellow to make orange, so I start with red first, then once its red enough, I start adding a little yellow gradually until I get orange.

7.  Once color blended, add your soap fragrance to desired strength.  Mix again.

8. Pour soap into soap loaf pan as neatly as possible.  Let sit for 5-8 minutes to harden.

9.  Wash bowl out, dry, and add the final 1/3 mixture of the  5lb. Natural Double Butter.

10.  Melt your soap.  You will not be adding any color to this as it is the white layer.

11. Add fragrance to desired strength, mix well.

12. Pour final layer into the loaf pan.

13. IMMEDIATELY add your candy corn chunks to the white soap layer after pouring it.  If you wait to add them, skin will start to form on the soap and it will look yucky when you try to place them into the soap. The key is to add your chunks right after you pour your white layer into the loaf pan.

candy corn soap in silicone loaf pan

14.  Let entire soap harden for at least an hour.  If it is very hot in your house, it may need to be longer.  This is to ensure to layers run out and bleed when you cut them.  This has happened to me and it is not pretty.  The longer you let the soap harden, the safer you are.

15.  Once soap has hardened, simply peel the soap out of the mold - silicone molds are really bendable, and place soap on clean cutting surface.

16. Cut soap as desired.

Here is a final shot of my candy corn soap, all cut into pieces:

candy corn soap recipe diy

As you can see, because the top of the silicone loaf pan is wider than the bottom, the top of the soap is also wider than the bottom.  For this reason, many choose to cut their soaps into triangle candy corn shapes, or to use square molds.  I don't really mind that the tops are longer than the bottoms, so I chose to keep my soap as is.

Grab some large clear gift baggies, see here: Clear Cellophane Bags 9x12 inch Resealable Gift Wrap 1.6mil 100pc by MOWO, and some silver string - this is the exact one I use, it is perfect for tying gift bags because it is not elastic: Creative Hobbies® Thin Metallic Elastic Beading and Jewelry Making Cord, 50 Yard Roll - Silver - and wrap those babies up once your all done!

You can also put labels on your soap if you desire.  See my post, How to Create Professional Product Lables Using Microsoft Word, to learn how easy it is to print your very own product labels using Word and label paper.  

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