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Unicorn Party Favors And Supplies For Girls Birthday Party

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The Best Unicorn Party Favors & Gifts.

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If you read The Makeup Equation, you may know that I am just a little (lot!) obsessed with all things unicorn.  I am so obsessed, in fact, that I wrote a unicorn gift guide, which you can view here: Unicorn Gift Guide.  Since I will be throwing my daughter a unicorn birthday party this fall, I knew I also had to also write a unicorn party favor post.

Unicorn parties are definitely in fashion right now and any little girl would be thrilled to have, or attend, one of these parties.  A quick search on Pinterest shows a multitude of gorgeous looking unicorn decorations and party favors, but I question how many of these artistic party favors can actually be used by the guests.  Yes, they are just so pretty, and yes, they are chock full of rainbow colors, glitter, and sparkle, but will your party guests be able to actually use them in their day-to-day lives?  If not, then these party favors are really not that great.  Today I am going to list some unicorn party favors and gifts that your girls will love and be able use in their everyday lives.  All of these party favors seem to get bought up pretty fast, so if you know you will be throwing a unicorn party in the future, it's best to buy them earlier than later. 

unicorn party favors supplies unicorn toys

Any little girl would love to have her very own unicorn party or at least get to attend one.   And as anyone knows, good or bad party favors can seriously make or break a party.  If you want your next unicorn party to be a big hit with the kiddos, check out this list of some practical, fun, and also very adorable, unicorn party favors: 

What is cooler than this giant unicorn eraser?  I purchased a few of of these for my daughter's upcoming unicorn birthday party this fall, and I can tell you that these things are indeed GIANT!  See picture below:

giant unicorn eraser

Not only are these erasers super cute, but they are also highly useful, as you always need an eraser.  Your party favors will be the talk of the town if you give these babies out to your guests!

This little unicorn Ring Tray Holder is sure to be a favorite among your guests.  This is another party favor we will be giving out at our unicorn party this fall.

 unicorn bags

Since the above two items are pretty big party favors, I knew we needed some big gift bags.  These Drawstring Bags Unicorn Designare the perfect unicorn gift bags if you are giving away large or many items to your guests.  The price is very reasonable for a pack of 10.

4.  Unicorn Favor Boxes - 12 ct

If you feel your party favors are not big enough for the drawstring bags shown above, but also not small enough for typical goodie bags, why not try these adorable unicorn favor boxes?  They come in a pack of 12.

 unicorn necklace jewelry

These unicorn necklaces are super cute and adorable and are also extremely inexpensive for a pack of 12.  This is also another item we are giving away at my daughters party.

 unicorn pinata

No unicorn party is complete without a pinata of course! This is one of the prettiest ones in my opinion.

 unicorn lollipops

 unicorn birthday party invitations

If you don't have your invitations yet, there are many beautiful options to choose from on Amazon.  Here is one of the most affordable, and prettiest, in my opinion.  These Unicorn Fantasy Invitations are the ones I chose for my daughter's party.

9.  Unicorn Pencil Sharpener

unicorn pencil sharpener

These unicorn pencil sharpeners will make adorable party favors.  

Unicorn pencil case

My daughter absolutely adores this unicorn pencil case and so do I - it is pastel pink and even prettier in person!

Here is wishing you and your little princess a fantastic unicorn party!  Please check back soon as I will post pictures of my daughter's unicorn party this fall and update my list with any new unicorn party favors that I think deserve to be on this list.  

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