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Beauty Favorites September 2017

Come discover a bunch of new beauty products you might not know about yet.  Product categories include hair, nails, vitamins, and personal hygiene products.

My Favorite Beauty Products, September 2017 Edition.

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Fall is finally here!  Is there anyone out there that doesn't like this beautiful season?  Fall is my second favorite season, after the hot summer of course.  I love the crisp and comfortable weather that fall brings, and I love the change of the leaves and all the fall activities there are to do.

Today I want to talk about some of my beauty favorites that I've been using during the month of September.  While some of the products I mention are fall related, many of them are not, and are  simply products I have been using during this beautiful fall month.  I have been wanting to start posting my favorites for a while now because I love to see other people's favorites.  I enjoy learning what products they are using and loving and why they love them.  Favorites posts are a great way to discover new and innovative products you may never have heard about before.  Please keep reading to get my September 2017 beauty favorites list!

Come learn about the current beauty products I am using and really loving right now!

 Chrome Nail Polish

Holographic chrome nails are all the rage right now, and this chrome polish by ILNP Cygnus Loop is one of the best chrome polish brands on the market.  This product comes in many different colors and has a myriad of great reviews.  I chose this dark blue because it has lots of deep purple undertones and goes with all the purple I love to wear daily. 

 crystal glass nail file

Natural nails are becoming a thing in a big way this fall as more and more women start to question the safety of the chemicals used to create fake nails.  If you are trying to grow your nails long and keep them that way, you will definitely want to invest in a good glass nail file.  

As opposed to a traditional emery board, which is covered in sand and leaves the tip of your nails open when used, glass nail files close the tip of your nails during use.  You want your nail tips closed so that no dirt, bacteria, or water can enter them and cause them to crack.  

This Bona Fide Beauty Double Sided Glass Nail File is a high quality glass nail file with a tons and tons of raving reviews.  I myself have noticed a reduction in chipped nails since using this glass nail file.  I love that my glass file is very hygienic and doesn't allow bacteria to colonize on it's surface the way my traditional nail file did.  This beautiful Czech Crystal Glass Nail File comes in a wide variety of bright and pretty colors to choose from.  I chose the yellow/magenta color shown above.

Pumpkin spice deodorant

If you read The Makeup Equation, you know I have been using natural deodorant for many years - Just see my post, A Review of Natural Deodorant Brands That Work.  It's simply hard for me to get comfortable using anti-antiperspirants and deodorants that contain aluminum.  In honor of fall, the lovely people at Organic Fields of Heather have come up with a pumpkin spice scent for us!  This has been one of my favorite beauty products this fall and I really enjoy the fun fall scent.  

In my post, Faster Hair Growth 4 Secret Tricks, I talk about why I take Biotin regularly and why this brand, as opposed to other brands, actually works and is of the purest quality.  This brand has dramatically increased how fast my hair nails grow!

 Grow thicker hair and grow hair faster with the correct form of biotin.  This is the purest form of biotin you will find. #biotin #biotinsupplement #haircare #hairgrowth

fall soap recipe

I love to make my own fall scented soaps, not only to give as gifts, but also to use myself.  You can find my easy DIY recipe to making your own fall scented soaps here:  Easy DIY Fall Soap Recipe.  If you are feeling extra fiesty, try out my candy corn soap too!  You can view my recipe for candy corn soap here: Candy Corn Soap Recipe DIY Neon Colors

6.    oVertone Hair Color

overtone coupon code

overtone vibrant purple

  overtone vibrant purple go deep

Every fall I seem to get inspired by the new beauty outside and I get the desire to change up my hair color.  This has become a problem because my hair has been colored and stripped many times and the ends are now too damaged and fragile to use hair dye - see DIY Platinum White Hair Recipe and How to Do An Olaplex Treatment at Home.  To read more about all my hair dyeing adventures, see my page, Hair.  Fortunately, for us color chameleons, there is a company called oVertone Hair Color 

oVertone is a vegan, and cruelty free, hair conditioning treatment that contains color pigment in it.  oVertone has just about any color you could think of, including ones that will turn you into a unicorn!  In the pictures above, I tired out their Go Deep deep conditioning treatment in "Vibrant Purple" on my ends.  Not only did the treatment deposit a beautiful violet hue, it also moisturized and nourished my damaged ends.  I can't wait to play with more colors soon!

When you use my link, you will automatically get $10 FREE off your first order of $30 or more.  They offer sample sizes of their items so you can try them out first before you buy the big size.  You can also find a few of the pastel colored oVertone Go Deep Hair Treatments here.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my current September beauty favorites.  Here is link to my Beauty Favorites for October: Beauty Favorites October 2017.

What are some of your beauty product favorites that you've been using this month?  Leave a comment down below!  I absolutely adore finding new beauty products!

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