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Get Rid Of Vaginal Infections Fast With A Natural Antibiotic

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Treat and Cure Vaginal Infections With this Natural Antibiotic.

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Please Note:  If you have blood in your urine, or your lower back hurts, you need to go to a doctor immediately, as this is a sign of a kidney infection and can be life threatening.  I am not a physician, and the advice I give here simply describes what I use to prevent and reduce infections.

Okay ladies, raise your hand if you are tired of sitting in a doctors office for hours and paying them a fortune to be given antibiotics that make you sick.  Even though I cannot see you, I would guess that just about every woman would raise their hand to this question.  We women are given so many antibiotics for vaginal and urinary infections.  These drugs can make our bodies sick in other ways, and we can also even eventually become resistant to them.

Now, raise your hand if you would like to know about a natural antibiotic that is much safer yet just as effective as a man-made antibiotic.  Again, even though I can't physically see your hands, I have a feeling your hand is up.  If you'd like to learn about this natural antibiotic that works swiftly to eradicate vaginal infections, and also helps prevent the occurrence of UTIs, please keep reading!

vaginal infection bacteria treatment cure natural herb

If you read The Makeup Equation, you know that I have struggled with urinary tract infections (UTIs) since I was a child, due to being born with a condition called vesicoureteral  reflux (VUR).  Even though I had surgery to correct the reflux when I was young, my system has remained weakened down there. 

In this post, I discuss the one single product that every woman needs in her pantry to wipe out and prevent UTI infections naturally.  This natural product has helped me to stay off of antibiotics and prevent the occurrence of deadly UTIs.  It has thousands of great reviews on Amazon simply because it is the real deal - It works!

But, not so fast!   Did you know that vaginal infections are often the cause of urinary infections?  Bad bacteria gets into the vagina and multiplies, and then makes its way up into the urethra where it can cause cystitis, and eventually a UTI infection or even worse, a kidney infection.  For this reason, it is very important to treat vaginal infections immediately to help reduce the occurrence of the much more serious, and much more painful, dreaded UTI infections.  

In my search for safe and effective natural UTI remedies, I stumbled across an herb that is the single best product I have ever used to stop a vaginal infection in its tracks.  This herb has a special kill ability against E.Coli, and is also especially excellent at wiping out bacterial vaginosis (BV), also known as BV.  It also works against yeast, as well as a myriad of other deadly bacteria. 

vaginal infection natural treatment herb effective oregano

Are you ready to find out what this amazing herb is?  The herb I am talking to you about is Oregano, and oil of oregano is an incredibly effective natural antibiotic.  You can find oil or oregano by a few different brands, but I don't think all brands are of the same quality.  I take: Oil of Oregano capsules.

I have been taking oregano when I feel an infection coming on for over a year now and I can tell you with complete certainty that this stuff works extremely well to prevent a vaginal infection from growing.  I feel instant relief within an hour or two of taking oregano.  And no vaginal infection means a greatly reduced chance for a UTI infection - woohoo!

For the capsules, please read the directions on the package for use directions.  The directions say not to take more than two capsules a day, and I always take them with food because they can cause nausea if taken on an empty stomach.  Also, VERY IMPORTANT: If you are pregnant or nursing, do NOT take oregano! Also, do not take oregano for extended periods of time.

Also, if you are taking the Oil of Oregano capsules continuously, meaning taking them every day back to back like you would with a course of antibiotics, the suggested maximum time of use is 2-4 weeks, just like with antibiotics.  I only take my Oil of Oregano capsules back to back when I feel I have a UTI blooming and I stop the as soon as I feel better. 

If I feel like I may have a vaginal infection starting, I simply take one capsule on any day I feel bad.  I don't take my Oil of Oregano capsules back to back for vaginal infections, I only take them when I feel like I need to, and one capsule seems to bring me instant relief and be enough to stop growth.  If I still feel a slight vaginal infection another day, I will take another capsule that day. 

As everyone's symptoms will be different, see what works the best for you, and always follow the package instructions.  

My hope is that this post will help women everywhere.  As someone that has suffered many infections all her life, I truly know how miserable female infections can be, and how they can dramatically reduce our quality of life.  Don't let these awful infections keep ruining your life!

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