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6 Winter Skincare Essentials

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  6 Winter Skincare Items Every Woman Needs. 

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As someone who suffers from dry skin all year round, the winter months are especially harsh on my skin.  The cold and dry winter air throw my dry skin into a super dry state.  This makes my skin raw, sore, and flaky.  Thankfully, over the years, I have found some incredibly great, super high quality skincare products that allow my skin escape the suffering of winter.  The skincare products protect my skin while keeping it moist and hydrated as well.  Below I have complied a list of the six skincare beauty products I use religiously during the winter months.  The quality of these products is truly of the highest level.  Even better, most of these products are on sale right now with Black Friday promo codes being offered by their merchants. 

Here is the list of my six favorite, must-have, winter skincare beauty products:

1. BioClarity Clear Skin System
BioClarity 3 Step Skin System

I love BioClarity's 3 -Step Clear Skin System.  This system is a gentle, yet just as effective, natural, 3- product kit for fighting acne.  The Clear Skin System is vegan, cruelty free, and dermatologist developed.  The BioClarity Clear Skin System contains salicylic acid to kill acne causing bacteria, and it contains Floralux, a vitamin-rich rich form of plant chlorophyll that corrects, protects, and heals the skin.   I have noticed a huge improvement in my acne and the overall condition of my skin after using the BioClarity Clear Skin System.
Just for being a reader of The Makeup Equation, you can get 50% OFF of the BioClarity 3-Step Clear Skin-System when you use my code, MUE50BioClarity is so sure you will love their products, they offer a 30-day money back guaranty on all orders.

2. goPure Microdermabrasion Resurfacing Exfoliator Cream

Microdermabrasion Resurfacing cream

As I mention in my article, The Benefits of Daily Face Exfoliation, exfoliation is critical to good makeup application and glowing skin. Exfoliation sloughs off dead skin cells, old makeup, dirt, oil, and other unwanted debris from your skin cells. 

During the warm summer months, I love to use an exfoliator called "Polish", which I talk more about in my article, 5 Skincare Must Haves For Women Over 30.  During the cold winter months however when my skin is much drier, I find this exfoliator to be too harsh for me.  During winter, I use goPure's Microdermabrasion Resurfacing Exfoliator Cream.  This is one of the best exfoliator products I have ever tried.  This cream contains particles that are strong enough to exfoliate your skin properly, but it also has a nourishing cream component to it that leaves your skin soft and moisturized when you are done.  Not only is this product fantastic for winter months, it is also extremely affordable.  You can buy goPure Microdermabrasion Resurfacing Exfoliator Cream from Cleopatra's Choice.  

Right now for a limited time, Cleopatra's Choice is giving away a Adovea Dead Sea Hand Cream for just 1 cent with any purchase! Just add the item to your cart and it will be .01 cents!  Limit one hand cream per customer.  They will also give you 10% OFF your entire order with this coupon code! You also get to pick 3 FREE samples with every order you place.  Cleopatra's Choice accepts Paypal in addition to all other major credit cards and I can say from experience that their customer service is one of the best I have experienced. 

3.  Fruit Pigmented Lip Butter

Wax Free Lip Balm

If you read the The Makeup Equation, you may know that I have an allergy to beeswax and a few other forms of synthetic wax when its applied to my eyes and lips.  To read more about the exact types of wax I am allergic to and what happens when I use them, see my post, Wax Free Lip Product List.  

For this reason, I was thrilled when I found a wax-free lip balm!  These Fruit Pigmented Lip Butters from 100% Pure Cosmetics are completely wax free and are super moisturizing for you lips.  I use these cute lip butters all winter long to keep my lips soft and moisturized.  I really love the different flavors these lip butters come in also: Strawberry, Peach, Pomegranate, and Cranberry.  You can find all their special promos here.

4.  BioClarity Hydrate Skin Smoothie Moisturizer

BioClarity Hydrate Skin Smoothie

A good thick moisturizer is absolutely essential during the winter months.  I have often struggled to find a good winter moisturizer that is heavy but won't break me out either.  That was until I found BioClarity's  Hydrate moisturizer.  This is the first heavy moisturizer that keeps my skin soft and smooth in the winter without causing me to break out.  In addition to moisturizing the skin, this Hydrate Skin Smoothie moisturizer also reduces pore size and evens out skin tone.   It also contains Floralux, a vitamin-rich rich form of plant chlorophyll that corrects, protects, and heals the skin. 

5.  Brigit True Organics Protecting Hand Cream (95% ORGANIC)

 Brigit Hand Cream

My poor hands suffer the most during the cold winter months, probably because I wash them so frequently.  I was never able to find a lotion that worked well to ease the dryness and chaffing until I found this Protecting Hand Cream by Brigit True Organics.  I initially received this item in a complimentary mom box from Ecocentric Mom and I was completely hooked after I started using it.  Although no longer, available from Ecocentric Mom, you can purchase it directly from the company off of Amazon.  This stuff is truly the best of the best when it comes to hand creams and I highly urge any dry skin sufferers to try it out!

6.  Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter infused w/ Frankincense & Myrrh

This Raw Shea Butter With Frankincense & Myrrh is the best body lotion ever!  It is also the best natural diaper rash cream ever and always cleared up  my babies diaper rashes instantly!  This stuff used to be available at Target but for some reason they no longer carry it.  Not to worry though because good ol' Amazon still sells it straight from the manufacturer!  I like to stock up on it in case Amazon stops selling it too.  If you want to know what similar product you can buy from Target, I would suggest this one here as it is almost the same just not as smooth to rub on.

BONUS #7.  Touchy Skin Salve

 Touchy Skin Salve for #eczema

If you have eczema, you MUST try this Touchy Skin Salve from Ora's Amazing Herbal!  This stuff also works wonders on dry and chaffed hands caused by over washing or winter weather.  If you are looking for top quality skincare infused with powerful herbs, then you need to discover Ora's Amazing Herbal!  This is a family run business that is organic, cruelty free, and ethically and sustainably operated.  Right now get 36% OFF SITEWIDE with code PHYTONUTRIENT.     

Dry skin suffers should never be afraid to show their skin.  With these six skincare items, dry skin suffers everywhere will be able bare their skin in all its beauty without having to worry about their skin looking dry or raw.  All the items on this list would also make great Christmas gifts for any special person in your life who suffers from dry skin.  

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