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Bigger Butt Foods Put To The Test

You have probably seen those articles that claim that eating certain things or doing certain exercises can give you a bigger butt.  But does any of this stuff actually work?  In this article I tackle the truth behind the concept that certain food can increase weight in your bottom.

Can Eating Certain Foods Really Give You A Bigger Butt?

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Yes girls, the struggle to have a big curvy behind is real, as silly as it may sound!  I have always had a relatively small behind, and I have always wished I had a bigger one.  A quick search on the internet will give you all sorts of articles that claim you can get a bigger but through foods, exercises, pills, and potions.  Does any of this stuff really work though??  Today I am going to tackle the subject of getting a bigger butt through food.  Keep reading if you want to see what I found out. 

You have probably seen those articles that claim that eating certain things or doing certain exercises can give you a bigger butt.  But does any of this stuff actually work?  In this article I tackle the truth behind the concept that certain food can increase weight in your bottom. Bigger Butt Foods. #nutrtion #diet #fitness #bigbutt

It's no secret that bigger butts are now super in trend.  My mom finds this really funny because she spent most of her life wishing she had a smaller butt, but times have changed and bigger butts are all the rage right now.  I have always been a little small in that department.  Whether it's because I inherited the genes on my dads side of the family, or whether it's because I am a runner, I have always just been pretty "petite" down there.  After three pregnancies during my twenties, I woke up to my thirties feeling like I totally had the stereotypical "flabby, saggy, mom butt".  I became even more discontent about the size of things when my husband mentioned one time that he missed my pregnancy sized butt.

So I started to search for ways to increase your bottom.  Now I wasn't trying to triple my size or anything, I just wanted a little bit extra "plump" down there.  I wasn't looking for anything super drastic, but if I could find a way to add more volume naturally, I would be thrilled.  My search led me to all sorts of crazy articles.  I saw so many ads for potions and lotions that I was ready to scream.  I had no interest in going that right.  Then there were the exercise articles.  Looking at these stretches and leg lifts and butt lifts just made me want to take a nap.  I'm sorry, but I simply wasn't willing to put myself through an exercise boot camp just to get a little bigger down there.

Finally I came across the food articles.  These articles listed lots of different foods that they claimed would make your butt bigger.  What was interesting about most of these articles is that they didn't simply say, eat more calories.  These articles didn't tell you to go out and eat nothing but burgers and ice cream floats.  Instead, most of the articles listed a lot of healthy foods that they said would help with getting a bigger bottom.

Okay, this was something I could do, I thought.  I was not being asked to break my vegetarian diet or eat a ton of sugar - you can read more about why I eat the way I do here:  3 Reasons Every Woman Should Go Vegetarian and 11 Skinny People Habits That Keep Me Thin.  So last year I embarked on a journey to increase the size of my derriere through healthy food alone - no junk food, no butt exercises, and no lotions or potions.  Here is what I found: 

Some of the healthy foods worked, and some of them didn't.  Most of the healthy grains listed like quinoa and millet did absolutely nothing to increase the size of my derriere.  But!  There were three foods specifically that actually did work!!  While I have no interest in showing you pictures of my flabby mom butt, (you can thanks me later ;-) , I can tell you that I definitely saw more volume and plump in my behind after months of eating these three specific foods.  I can also tell you that my jeans were were much tighter on my derriere after months of eating these three foods!  So, are you ready to see which foods actually do seem to put weight on you in the butt?

Here they are:

Food 1:  Bigger Butt Food

One really fascinating and absolutely HUGE bonus about these three foods is that they didn't seem to add weight on me anywhere else.  They didn't make my face look fatter - which most junk food usually does - and they didn't put extra fat in my stomach area either, which I was really relieved about because, after three pregnancies, I most definitely didn't need any more fat in that department!

So those were the three three foods that I had great luck with.  I still continue to eat a lot of these foods and am very happy with the results I see.  My husband is happy with the results too ;-)  Please comment down below if you have any tips or tricks to increase butt size.  If you try eating the foods I mentioned,  please let me know how they work for you.

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