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Period Party Gift Guide For A Girls First Period

First periods can be tough. Why not lift some of that burden and celebrate them with a period party, also known as a First Moon party?  Here are some thoughtful and practical gifts for a first period party. #periodparty #firstmoonparty #party

First Moon Period Party Gifts To Celebrate A Girl's First Period. 

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Have you heard a period party, also known as a "First Moon Parties"?  I have a theory that these parties all started with that crazy First Moon tampon commercial a few years back.  Whatever the reason may be, first period parties are becoming one of the most popular types of celebrations right now.  First Moon parties are becoming so trendy that there is a big chance that you may get an invite to one soon, or maybe even think about throwing your own for your daughter.  This is why I have created a gift guide just for first moon period parties.

I think period parties are a great way to welcome womanhood into a girl's life if she is happy about having one.  I don't support embarrassing children, so if you decide to throw a period party, please always try to make it as tasteful as possible, and maybe skip the surprise element so you can make sure your daughter wants a party for this in the first place.  I also think you should be sensitive to who you decide to invite to your daughter's period party.

Here are some thoughtful, practical, and very cute gifts to help celebrate a girl entering womanhood:

This book was written in consultation with real teen girls going through their first periods.  Help her get the answers to all her questions about her first cycle without embarrassment. 

Many people find cloth pads to be more comfortable than disposable ones.  There are lots of very pretty cloth pads out there.  Here is another pack with some very pretty designs:

There are really so many nice varieties of cloth pads on the market these days. This one here even comes with a free peony/flower designed cloth tote/purse to store the pads in.

uterus fellopian tubes pinata period party pinata

How completely adorable and cute is this "Mad" Uterus Pinata?  This item is sure to get lots of laughs from your guests, and may even been too cute to smash.  The item has tons of great reviews from previous buyers.

moodibars gourmet chocolate bars period party gift astor chocolates

I don't know of any girl or woman on the planet that doesn't love herself some chocolate, and those chocolate cravings get so strong during the time of the month.  This is why these adorable Moodibars will make a great gift for any period party.  These moodibar chocolate bars come from a well known leading gourmet chocolate company that takes the love for chocolate very seriously!  

Ellebox is a period subscription box company that offers chemical free, 100% cotton, organic female hygiene products.  They offer an Essentials Box, a Comfort Box, and a First Period Tween Box.  The Essentials Box contains your choice of 16 chemical free organic tampons or pads, heavy or regular, for just $10.99/month.  The Comfort Box contains your choice of the 16 chemical free organic tampons or pads, plus chocolate, tea, and two all natural self care items for you, for just $29.99/month.  The First Period Tween Box contains 14 organic pads, 5 panty liners, 2 surprise goodies, a chocolate or snack, and a Know Your Flow Period Guide, all for just $20/month.  You have the option to pay month to month, do a 6 month option (most popular) to save more money, or do the 12 month option.  Boxes arrive on the 15th each month and you can cancel anytime by simply emailing  

Right now until May 27, 2018, you can get your second box free with coupon code 2ndBox.  This offer is valid on both Comfort and Essential boxes and shipping is totally free!  When you follow them on Facebook Messenger, you instantly get a code for 15% OFF!  They also give you the option to give friends a $10 coupon off their subscription.  When they sign up, you get a $10 credit for yourself. 

You can find my full review of  the Comfort Box here: Ellebox Period Box Review Plus Coupon For Free Box.

Menstrual cups are quickly becoming popular because they offer less safety risks than traditional tampons do.  This is a popular brand that has lots of great reviews.  You may want to buy this if your daughter plans on using menstrual cups.

crochet uterus falloipian tubes doll period party gift

Because nothing is cuter than at crotchet uterus doll.  Nothing.

8.  Uterus Socks 

These festive pink and yellow uterus socks are sure to be a big hit with any girl who appreciates cute socks!  

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