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Why Coconut Water Postpartum Is A Must For Moms

coconut water is a must for postpartum recovery.  childbirth. postpartum. cococnut water. healthy lifestyle. #motherhood #pregnancy #momlife

 The Profound Benefits Of Drinking Coconut Water Postpartum.

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If you read The Makeup Equation, you may know that I am a mama to three kiddos.  You may also know that I have had three home births - you can read more about this topic here: My Home Birth Experience In Interview.  Today I want to talk about something I stumbled upon after my third baby was born.  What I discovered is such an amazing health secret that no expecting mama can afford to not know it!  And yes, it has something to do with coconuts!

coconut water is a must for postpartum recovery.  childbirth. postpartum. cococnut water. healthy lifestyle. #motherhood #pregnancy #momlife

As most mommies out there know, childbirth is a real doozy!  One of the things I remember the most, and hated the most, about birthing kids and having newborns was the extreme fatigue.  I remember there were so many days with my oldest that I felt like I might just drop dead and die from the fatigue I was experiencing, and I had a completely normal delivery.   

Many women go into an "alert" state when they start having contractions.  This means they skip napping and instead stay wide awake all the way until delivery hits.  Once delivery happens, they then get very little sleep because they now have a newborn whose days and nights are completely mixed up.  Combine this with massive blood lost during labor and the oh-so-fun heavy 30 day period and you've got a walking zombie for the most part.

All three of my deliveries went smoothly and were relatively the same, yet my physical state varied drastically between them.  With my first child, as I already mentioned, I don't know how I didn't die of fatigue.  With my second child, things were pretty much the same, though I was more prepared with what to expect and had gotten slightly used to "mom sleep", which basically means like four hours a night.  With my third child however, something completely different happened.  I had basically no fatigue at all, and actually felt great.  Yes, I said great!  My midwives would come to visit me during the postpartum visits and literally were left writing "she said she feels fantastic" in my chart when they asked how I felt.  Why did I feel so fantastic?  I'm glad you asked!  It all had to do with coconuts.

My husband is from the tropics and he has always loved coconut water.  We had a few containers laying around in our fridge after I delivered my third.  When I asked for something to drink after delivery, my husband gave me a coconut water, probably because it's about all we had in there.  Although I had never been a huge coconut water drinker, the stuff tasted amazing that day, and I asked him to buy me a few more the following day.  Before I knew it, I was downing coconut waters like a crazy person.  Did I suddenly love the taste of it, or was I craving something in the water?  I will never know I guess, but I have a hankering it was the latter.  Let's take a look at what exactly is in coconut water, and why it helped me feel so great postpartum.

During labor and the month afterwards, the female body loses a great deal of blood.  Basically just imagine giving blood for like two months straight.  Yes, serious blood loss postpartum is a REAL thing! Based on my personal experience, I truly believe that it is the blood loss, not the sleep deprivation, that contributes to the majority of postpartum fatigue.  Blood contains some very important things that our bodies need to function properly.  Let's take a look at what they are: 

1. Electrolytes
Electrolytes are elements and minerals that are bodies need to function properly.  Without these electrolytes, we feel sluggish, overly tired, and can even feel faint and dizzy.  Coconut water happens to be jam packed full of electrolytes, including five key electrolytes that are vital for hydration: potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous.  A cup of coconut water is said to have more potassium than almost two bananas!  Coconut water was actually used for blood transfusions in World War II and is stated as being identical to blood plasma!

2.  Iron

Most of us know that iron is linked to energy levels.  Major blood loss, like that associated with childbirth and postpartum recovery, can rapidly deplete a woman of the iron she needs to function properly.  Problems are further compounded if she is a vegetarian or vegan and did not take an herbal iron supplement during pregnancy.  Coconut water not only contains iron, but it also contains Vitamin C, which helps the absorption of iron.

3. B Vitamins 

B Vitamins are also heavily linked to the bodies energy levels, and coconut water is full of almost all of the B Vitamins as well.

If I haven't yet convinced you to start drinking coconut water postpartum, I leave you with this final fascinating fact:  Clinical trials have proven that the magnesium found in coconut water successfully treated depression!  That's right, you can fight those postpartum baby blues by drinking coconut water!  This is really not surprising to me because magnesium has always been linked to proper brain function.

Alright, so now that I have convinced you to stock up on coconut water before your next baby is born, you may be wondering what brand you should buy?  You can view the exact brand that I drank postpartum with my third child here.  As I mentioned above, I felt "fantastic!" drinking this stuff, and it's the only brand I will drink.  

If you are a bit of a purest, and would like to think that you are drinking directly from a coconut, I suggest you go with this brand here, as it is said to be the closest thing to drinking directly out of a coconut.  Now whether you need this level of purity to get the benefits I mentioned above, I really don't know, because like I said, I felt great using my brand, but I will leave this up to you to decide.

Here is wishing you an energetic and happy next postpartum dear mama!

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