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Fashion Nova Review Customer Tips Plus Shopping Hacks

Fashion Nova Customer Review. Fashion Nova Jeans Review. Fashion Nova Shopping Hacks. #fashionnova #fashion #shopping

Fashion Nova Customer Review Tips & Shopping Hacks.

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Please Note: I am not an affiliate of Fashion Nova.  Any customer is able to refer their friends with their own personal link. 

Okay, so can we talk about Fashion Nova for a second?  It seems like this fashion giant is blowing up everybody's Instagram accounts these days!  I wanted to try out Fashion Nova for a looong time, but I was really scared of getting the wrong size or fit, because if you have checked out their site, you know that they don't do returns, only store credit.  I was dying to try out their jeans the most, but most of the reviews left would never give detailed size information.  Most people would say something like, "Love love love the jeans, and I'm 5'8'' if that helps".  I would think to myself, well no, actually, that doesn't help me at all!  I don't want to know your height!  I want to know your wiast-to-hip ratio and I want to know your weight.  Ain't nobody's height gonna be helping anybody!

Finally after pinning over their jeans for sooo long, I finally just took the plunge and bought four pairs.  Two were a huge success, and two were too small, and I learned from there.  I returned the two small ones, (getting refunded shipping - more about how to do that below), got store credit for them, and then bought some more.  My second order was even more of a success than my first! ALL the jeans fit amazing this time and some became my absolute faves.  After this point the rest is basically history and I became a certified #NovaBabe and went on to write this post.  So today girls, I am writing the post that I wish somebody had written for me!  Since Fashion Nova is most famous for their jeans, this post is going to focus on their jean items, but the information I give you here will help you when buying all types of their clothes.  I'm going to give you my exact sizing information in great detail, I'm going to tell you what size I wear, what fit I like, what material blend I prefer, how you should pay, how to get free return shipping, and how to get big money off your purcahses.  Are you ready to become a Fashion Nova shopping pro?? Let's get started future #NovaBabe!

fashion nova jeans review. fashion nova customer review. fashion nova Drama Jeans. shopping hacks. #fashionnova

Okay ladies I know you are ready for me to spill all my Fashion Nova secrets so let's just dive right into it. 

1. Sizing

Okay girls, the key to getting your sizing right is to be careful.  By this I mean, you need to get out your measuring tape and carefully measure yourself.  Write it down so you don't forget.  Make sure to include halves of an inch.  The clothes DO run true to size, so you can trust their sizing chart!  After you measure yourself, you then need to carefully match your measurements with their size chart.

Now here's a really important sizing tip Always choose the bigger of two sizes if you are in between!  If one of your measurements tells you your a 7, and one of your measurements tells you your a 9, go with the bigger size!!  Let me give you an example.  I am a 36 inch hips and a 28.5 inch waist. (135lbs and 5'7'' also) Basically, I have a big tummy and small hips.  I have had three kids, so I'm proud of my big tummy, but I know that other 36 inch hips girls have smaller tummies than I do.  For a while I didn't know what size to pick because my 36 inch hips matched to their size 5 bottoms, but my 28.5 waist matched to their size 7 bottoms.  I decided to go with the bigger size, the size 7, and it was a big WIN for me!! I wear size 7s in all their bottoms!  The waist fits me perfectly, and the hips are still pretty snug.  And when I have a problem with sizing, its with things being too small, not too big, so rule #1 here is ALWAYS GO WITH THE BIGGER SIZE if you are in between sizes!  Also, rest assured that these jeans do hold up when washed and do not change their size!  They hold their quality and look just as good as before they were washed.

Okay this brings me to my next topic here, which is materials blends.  I am going to tell you the type of jeans that were too small on me, and the ones that fit me perfectly. 

2.  Material Blends

Okay so remember how I just mentioned that one time I had a problem with jeans being too small?  I am going to tell you why I think that was.  The two jeans I ordered had a polyester blend in them, and polyester does not have as much stretch as cotton or rayon.  The exact blend of the two jeans that ran small was: 80% cotton, 15% polyester, 5% elastane.  Both pairs of jeans with this exact blend were too small for me, even though they were different styles of jeans.  Because of this, I will never order Fashion Nova jeans with this percent blend.  

So what material blends should you order?  Here are my two favorite blends.  All my Fashion Nova jeans with these two blends fit me perfectly in my measured size, size 7, and I can definitely say these blends run true to size.  These are the only two jean blends I buy from Fashion Nova:

98% cotton, 2% spandex
89% cotton, 9% rayon, 2% spandex.

Now let's talk about what these two blends look and feel like.

The 98% cotton blend is basically designer denim jeans.  These feel like 100% cotton jeans, and they are extremely comfortable and soft.  Below I am wearing three 98% cotton blend jeans:

Drama Jeans Fashion Nova Jeans Review

Know This High Rise Fashion Nova Jeans Review

Prime Time Fashion Nova Jeans Review

From top to bottom, the jeans are:  

The Drama Jeans - Light Blue are one of my all time favorite Fashion Nova jeans.  They fit snug and make my body look great and yet are also super comfortable on my big mom tummy.  The Know This High Rise Jeans are the same as the Drama Jeans, super cute and comfortable, and they have the added bonus of being distressed on both the front and the back side!  Their Alter Ego Jeans are also fabulously distressed in the front and back.  The Prime Time Jeans are the most comfortable pair of Fashion Nova jeans I own. These run slightly big, so they will fit you more like a boyfriend fit if you size correctly.  If you size down, they will fit you more like the other two jeans fit.  Do not get one size bigger than your normal size in the Prime Time jeans since they run a little loose.

Moving on to the 89% cotton - 9% rayon blend, these jeans are like half denim jeans and half jeggings.  They are not as thin as jeggings, but they are not as thick as full on designer denim either.  Either way, this is another super comfortable, true to size blend that is very form flattering and fits your body great in the correct size.  Below is a pair of jeans that has the 89% cotton -9% rayon blend.  They are the Molly Jeans

Molly Jeans Fashion Nova Review

As you can see, these jeans are life too!  Super comfortable ladies!

3. High Waist Vs. The Other Stuff

I want to quickly talk about the style of jeans.  One time I ordered one of  Fashion Nova's jean bermuda shorts.  The shorts didn't specify what type of waist they were, but I could tell from the picture they were low waisted.  When the short arrived, they were very tight on my crotch and would show my whole butt when I bent over.  Now to be fair, I ordered a size smaller than 7, so the first problem was that they were just too small. But the low waist cut also showed to much for my liking.  For this reason, I have always ordered high waist Fashion Nova jeans.  I won't even bother with the mid-rise stuff because I'm afraid it will show too much if I bend over.  So I personally only order their high wast jeans, and I also think high waist jeans are just the most flattering because they make the butt look the biggest.

Also, sometimes, the website will list jeans as high waist when they are not.  This is pretty rare, and only happened to me once - I ordered their "Love You To Pieces" Jeans once and they are listed as high rise but are clearly not when you try them on.  I would say the best way to avoid this error is to rely on the picture of the model wearing the jeans on the website.  If the jeans clearly hit or go over the belly button of the model, they are definitely high-waisted.  If they look like they are falling below the belly button, there is a good chance they are not high waisted and are probably mid rise or a little lower. 

4.  Form of Payment & Returns

Okay now let's get into all things buying and returning!  First, when you buy from Fashion Nova, please always pay with PayPalPayPal is an amazing merchant that offers you buyer protection every time you use them to check out.  If your order gets lost, they will contact the merchant and refund you your money if the merchant doesn't.  If you return something and never get credited for it and can't reach the merchant, PayPal will credit you.  I try to use PayPal whenever I buy online because I know that I am always protected!

Further, PayPal has a new program where they now will refund you the return shipping fee!  So let me give you an example.  When I placed my first order with Fashion Nova, as I had mentioned above, two of the polyester blend jeans were too tight.  It cost me $12.95 to send my package from the East Coast all the way to the West Coast - Fashion Nova is in California. Now I would have been pretty mad about this costing me so much, but I knew that  PayPal would refund me this money.  All you do is go under your purchase in your PayPal account, click on it, scroll down, and select "Request Return Shipping".  All you need to do is upload a screenshot of your receipt and input what you paid the post office.  Then in about a week, PayPal credits you this money into your PayPal account.  You are allowed 12 return shipping refunds a year.  

Because Fashion Nova has over 10 million fans and is a super popular company, they get tons and tons of orders every day.  If your order is ever delayed or lost, it is good to know that PayPal has your back!  I have never not received my orders, but once during a big semi-annual sale my 2-day shipping order got delayed.  I was glad to know that I was protected and luckily my order showed up just a few days later than planned.   Fashion Nova also emailed me a generous coupon code for my next order to apologize, which I really appreciated.

This also brings me to the topic of customer support.  Ladies! Don't waste your time calling their 800 number!  It will only get you frustrated as it has very long hold times.  Simply email them at at, or submit a ticket, and they will respond back to you pretty quick.  I have always received a response back within a few days when I did this.

They seem to email you your store credit gift card very quickly, and these store credits never expire - I specifically asked them about this. 

5.  Coupon Codes

Yes, I saved the best for last!  Ain't nobody trying to buy clothes these days without a good coupon code, am I right ladies?  Not only are Fashion Nova clothes super affordable, but they frequently offer big discounts for different holidays and events.  Sometimes however, they don't have any specials going on or the discounts aren't too big.  What should a #NovaBabe do?  This is why I am going to give you my personal link for 30% OFF your first order!  Unlike seasonal discounts, my coupon link never expires!  Here is is: Get 30% OFF First Order!  And once you create an account with Fashion Nova, you can then get your own personal link to refer others!

I hope this article is of help to all who desire to shop at Fashion Nova.  This company truly sells designer clothes at a fraction of the cost, and if you know how to size right and buy correctly, you will always have a happy shopping experience with them.  And don't forget to tag your Fashion Nova finds with the hasthag #NovaBabe on Instagram for a chance to be featured on their site!

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