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Top Affordable Designer Jeans Offering Comfort and Style

Are you looking for some new affordable jeans that look fabulous on you and also are super comfortable? Check out my three favorite designer jean brands. #jeans #fashionjeans #fsavingmoney #affordableclothing

Affordable Designer Jeans - My Favorite Brands. 

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I have always been a jeans kind of girl, but after having three kids, I really became a jeans kind of girl!  I wear jeans more than anything else, and many of the long hours spent being a mom are done in my jeans.  Because I wear my jeans for such long extended periods of time, comfort is just as important to me as the look of the jeans.  Today I am going discuss some of my favorite brands of jeans.  Some are new brands that I recently discovered, and some are oldies but goodies.  Every brand listed has high marks for both fashion and comfort.  To thank you for reading this post, I have included coupon codes for big money off all the brands I discuss.  

If you are looking for jeans that look fabulous, and also feel fabulous on your body, check these brands out!

Know This High Rise Jeans

Prime Time Jeans

I had been wanting to try Fashion Nova for the longest time, but I was always afraid of getting the wrong size, because they don't do returns - only store credit.  Anyway I finally just did it and ordered some jeans from them.  I read their size chart really carefully and ordered a size 7 because my waist is 28.5'' - mama x3 tummy - and my hips are 36''. I am also 135lbs and 5' 7'' if this helps you further with sizing.  The size 7 fit me perfectly in their 98% cotton jeans.  The jeans that had more polyester and weren't 98% cotton were too small for me, so I sent those back, but I am literally living in the 98% cotton ones!  They are designer quality, and soooo comfortable!

Above I am wearing: Drama Jeans - Light Blue Know This High Rise Jeans, and the Prime Time Jeans, all in size 7s, and all three are 98% cotton.  The Drama Jeans - Light Blue are my all time favorite, extremely form flattering, accentuate all my curves, and yet super comfortable on my waist and crotch area.  The Know This High Rise Jeans also fits my body snugly and is incredibly flattering in all areas, and is still very comfortable.  The Know This High Rise Jeans are also distressed in both the front and the back, which I think is super cute.  Another pair of Fashion Nova jeans that is distressed in the front and the back is their Alter Ego Jeans.  The Prime Time Jeans run big and are looser on me, fitting more like a boyfriend fit.  The Prime Times are literally so comfortable I have even slept in them once!

My advice for ordering from Fashion Nova is to take your measurements and read their size chart carefully.  I personally think their 98% cotton jeans are the highest quality and I only order those.  I also only order high rise jeans because I don't like jeans that show stuff when I bend over, or ride up on the crotch area. One of their pairs of Bermuda shorts jeans that are low waisted were too tight on the crotch area for me.

Below I am wearing their high rise Molly Jeans in size 7.  These are 89% cotton, 9% rayon, and 2% spandex, and are truly the most comfortable jeans ever.  They fit my body like a glove and are so flattering.  They are very stretchy because they have the rayon in them.  I would describe these jeans as being half like jeans and half like jeggings - not full jeggings, but sort of in the middle.  The 89% cotton, 9% rayon blend is the only other combination I recommend in their jeans.

Fashion Nova Molly Jeans Designer Jeans

Fashion Nova jeans are truly designer quality at a fraction of the cost and are definitely my new favorite brand!  Just for being my reader, you get can 30% OFF your first purchase from Fashion Nova with my personal link: 30% OFF First Order!!  Unlike other coupon codes, my personal coupon code for 30% off never expires!  And here's an important buying tip:  Pay with PayPal when you buy from  Fashion Nova.  Purchases are protected by PayPal buyer protection.  Because Fashion Nova has over 10 millions subscribers, they process tons of orders every day, and if your order ever gets lost, PayPal will cover you.  I have always received my orders, but once I placed an order during a very busy semi-annual sale, and the order got a little delayed.  Luckily Fashion Nova sent me a generous coupon code to apologize, and I also received my order.  But it was nice to know that I was protected by PayPal if I hadn't.

2.   Old Navy

High-Rise Distressed Rockstar Jeans For Women

The Power Jean a.k.a. The Perfect Straight Women's Jeans

Old Navy has been one of my favorite brands for jeans for a while.  Ever since I put a pair of their super soft and stretchy jeans on, I was hooked.  I wear mostly their Rockstar High Rise jeans, featured in the first picture, but they also recently came out with The Power Jean, a.k.a. The Perfect Straight, second picture and I am loving these jeans too.  The Power Jean is an ankle cut jean that is designed to be tighter on your butt and thighs.  If you are looking for a jean that will emphasize the butt and thigh area, this is your jean right here!  I wear a size 4 in their Rockstar Skinny jeans, which are a little lose on my waist but nice and tight on my legs, and I were a size 2 in their Power Jeans, which run a little loose in my opinion.  For reference, I am 135 lbs, with a size 28.5 waist and 36 inch hips.  Right now all jeans are up to 50% OFF and you can also get 35% OFF your order with that link.

Bloggers and influencers, if you love Old Navy as much as I do, you can join their affiliate program through FlexOffers.  This allows you to earn money on both your own purchases, and purchases of friends you refer.

3.  GoJane

Distressed High Waist Cotton Jeans From GoJane

GoJane is another one of my all time favorite jean brands because they have tons of super cute designer quality jeans at very affordable prices.  Just like with Fashion Nova, I prefer the higher percent cotton jeans as I think they are higher quality.  In their jeans I alternate between a 7-9, and can wear the smaller of the two when the cotton percentage is higher.  As with Fashion Nova jeans, you want to measure yourself exactly and read their size chart carefully.  Also, I have found that the more polyester jeans have, the smaller they seem to run.  I don't know if there is a real reason behind this, but this is just what I have experienced.  Right now is a great time to try out their jeans because you can get 50% OFF ALL CLOTHING with that code.

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